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Does Your Brain Need Exercise? — an article on the Smart Living Network
August 24, 2011 at 11:33 AMComments: 7 Faves: 0

Does Your Brain Need Exercise?


Does Your Brain Need Exercise?

Apparently it does according to Neuroscientists who believe there is a lot that can be done and the right mental workouts can significantly improve our basic cognitive functions.    Cognitive psychologists tell us that as we hit middle age we start to notice that our memory and mental clarity is not what it used to be.  Have you ever had a “Senior Moment”?  I have,  and as I read in the news today about Pat Summitt’s (women’s basketball coach at Tennessee) announcement that she had been diagnosed with early onset dementia at 59 I decided to Google “Brain Training” to see what I’d find.  I was amazed to find page after page of articles relating to brain training exercises, brain training software, brain games, brain training online, brain training companies, etc.It appears that this is a popular topic.One company says it has over 14 million users. Online sites where people can actually to the exercises is the most popular.

While much of the material is advertising I still found the topic interesting to the point that I will be pursuing it further.  If you’ve ever had a “Senior Moment” you might want to Google “Brain Training” and check it out.  

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  • Thank you Beryl for posting this. I too had a senior moment it happen more when i don't get enough sleep,but i will be looking into this brain training. It sound like it could be very interesting.

  • Check out this site:

  • I like his one also.

  • I find chess to be a great exercise for my brain. While I no longer play competitively, occasionally I'll play online and this still can leave me exhausted after a few matches.

  • I find that very interesting because my husband's grandmother that will just be turning 90 is amazing that she still is with it. But she reads the newspaper everyday and does crossword puzzles and loves putting puzzles together.

  • I love logic puzzles as a way to do brain training. I started doing them in high school when my computer programming teacher had our class do them to build our logic skills, which are a key part of programming.

    A lot of puzzle books are being touted as good brain training exercises, and @Julie, I can see how crossword puzzles would probably help boost memory skills with the amount of trivia/knowledge required to solve them.

  • I like to play Sudoku games - these seem to keep me out of trouble. The other thing is trying to make something from a pattern (like knitting a pair of mittens).

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