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Rice husk charcoal machine — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Rice husk charcoal machine


In the process of producing charcoal in large rice husk charcoal machine equipment, the generation of flue gas is inevitable, but if the excessive emission of flue gas will have a certain impact on the ecological environment, it is necessary to take certain measures to control production. The amount of smoke emitted during the charcoal process, so the Shuliy Machinery analyzed three feasible methods for the majority of users.
The large rice husk charcoal machine equipment is filled with raw materials such as branches, straw, straw, peanut hulls, trunks, cotton stalks, tea husks, husks, weeds, leaves and other biomass fibers that can produce charcoal. The powder is pulverized into 10mm, dried by a dryer to make the moisture content within 12%, and the rod machine is formed into a carbonization furnace by carbonization after high temperature and high pressure molding (without adding any additives). The finished product mechanism charcoal.
The first method is the condensation recovery method. This is a relatively high investment cost method, which requires the use of a condensation tower and a separation tank. Through the work of these two kinds of equipment, the wood tar and wood vinegar in the flue gas can be recovered. However, the high investment cost makes it difficult to get a wide range of promotion and use.
The second method is the water immersion method. The so-called water immersion method is to let the flue gas precipitate through the pool. This requires the user to build a pool next to the large rice husk charcoal machine equipment, and introduce the flue gas inside the carbonization furnace into the pool through the fan and the pipeline, and then pass the ratio. The difference in heat causes the wood tar and wood vinegar in the flue gas to be coagulated and precipitated. It should be noted that the wood tar and wood vinegar deposited at the bottom of the tank need to be cleaned regularly.
The third method is the series connection of chimneys and centralized discharge method. This is a very simple method of introducing the flue gas from the charcoal furnace into the concentrated chimney through the public flue and then discharging it at high altitude. Although this method can not reduce the emission of flue gas, it can still reduce the influence of flue gas on the surrounding environment because it increases the emission height of flue gas. This is the method adopted by most charcoal machine manufacturers.

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