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By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Schecter has been making guitars since 1976. They stick to the affordable, mid-priced guitars and are mostly known for their popularity among metal players. Schecter isn't just a one trick pony though, over the years they have produced guitars like the Stargazer, the Corsair, and the Hellraiser Acoustic that show they are at least trying to do something different. Even though you will be able to get most any "normal" Schecter for under $1,000, they have an American custom shop that can produce some legit guitars.

This entry is about something completely different though! After years of just producing stringed instruments, Schecter is starting to produce amps, and they look super cool! Here is what they have given us so far!

Schecter Hellraiser USA 100 head

This is no doubt going to be the flagship product. How do I know? Because it's called the "HELLRAISER." Everyone over at Schecter is all obsessed with raising hell, it's getting kind of weird. Regardless, the amp looks very cool. All they have told us is that it is going to be a 100% tube amp and I would assume that it is 100 watts. The black with red trim looks very metal-bandish, something that they are really trying to capitalize on. The thing that intrigues me is the "focus" knob, I wonder what spinning that around is going to do to the sound. I also wonder what the on board distortion is going to be like.

As the title might imply, this amp is made in 'Merica, so maybe we will see a solid quality amp from these guys. Or maybe not...the country it's made in doesn't matter nearly as much as the reason that they emphasize that it is made in the states.

Here is a picture with a full stack under the amp!

 (that backdrop is AWFUL! GOOD GOD!)

Hellraiser 212 Combo

Again with the raising of HELL! Why I ask? Whatever...with this amp they are being even more vague than the bigger brother. Even though this is their smaller and cheaper amp, I'd guess that it is going to be a tube amp as well because it, like it's bigger brother, is sporting a "standby" switch. Standby switches are designed to make tubes last longer and I don't think would have any purpose on a solid state. 

I would guess also that the speakers are Celestions. I would love to have a guess as to how powerful this amp is, but this one also says "Hellraiser USA 100" on it. So maybe I was completely off on my guess earlier, but I would say this is going to rock around 35 to 50 watts. With all tube power that is still enough to destroy your life with one flick of a pick.

I would like to interject something here. These amps look AWESOME, but even my coworker from across the office came over and asked what was up with the 80s school photo background for these pics. It looks terrible. I am almost tempted to apply as a photographer at Schecter Guitar Research and help them out.

The Depth Charge

This is the coolest thing I have seen in a while. There isn't really anything that special about the speaker cabinets on amps. This new cab from Schecter is a definite game changer for the heavy metal players. From the outside it looks like a normal guitar cab, however you may notice a power cable that runs not to the amplifier, but to the cab itself. That's weird.

The reason that it does that is because it is a powered cab. But why? Isn't that what the amp is for on top of the cab? What is going on here?! Tell me! Interestingly enough, Schecter included an on board power module and crossover for 1 of the 4 speakers. The bottom right speaker is a specifically designed subwoofer and is powered by a 175 watt amp. So what this does is takes all the mega-lows from a 7 or 8 string guitar, and focuses the bass tones (with the crossover) through a subwoofer while the rest of the cab is producing the rest of the sound. This is a very novel idea and I think would be revolutionary for someone that plays a 8 string guitar, especially if you are forced to take down the volume a few notches the bass will still ring through clearly.

The Hellwin

Synyster Gates, the lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold, has been in a partnership with Schecter for some time now. We have seen multiple signature series guitars and fancy upgrades come from the Synyster line. The newest addition to the things that have his name on it is the Schecter Hellwin! (WHOOSHH!!)

Like the Hellraiser, it is running the same tubes and vintage 30 celestion speakers. The Hellwin has notably good vintage clean tones and has a U.K./U.S.A. switch to determine the sound of your cleans. The 2 drive settings sound really great through the tubes and I think the color scheme is super cool! Check out this video I found that debuted AFTER I wrote this blog, it is all about the new Hellraiser/Depth Charge and the Hellwin.

Cool stuff! See you next week!

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