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December 10, 2012 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Happy Ears: Headphone Review

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Guitar Showdown Blog Series

So apparently Guitar Showdown is a review blog of all things audio, not just guitars...get used to it people! Don't worry though! Guitars will remain our main theme, and all the audio gear will be very relevant to any musician! Today's installment is all about headphones! REBELLLLL!!!

Headphones come in all shapes, sizes, and functions. Typically there are three types: in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. In this blog we'll discuss casual listening in over-ear headphones as opposed to studio headphones. If you don't know what the difference is, this article explains it wonderfully. 

The Juggernaut: Beats Pro By Dre

Do you remember what the original Monster Beats were like? They were awful plastic subwoofers that you strapped to your head and pretended to act cool with. As you may well know though, people love to pretend that they are cool by buying stuff just because of a logo plastered to the side of it. The newest addition to the Beats line, however, is not only awkwardly trendy, they are actually amazing headphones.

The Good: The Beats Pro have a lot going for them. The audio feels pure in many respects and may be the best  to be had for heavy listening. The design is comfortable to wear and looks amazing on your head. Though the bass is a bit heavy (as you should expect), these headphones show great diversity between different sounds and genres of music. On a more superficial note, they come in 4 different Beats signature colors. Another cool thing is that the big ear cups are washable! That comes in super handy, especially if you get a white pair. The construction is sturdy but does lend itself to some problems...

The Not So Good: I think the weakest point of these headphones is that, though they are well built, they are insanely heavy. But, that is what you would expect from headphones made of metal. Also, the bass could get distracting for some listeners. If all you did was listen to baritone voice overs, there would be a better option elsewhere. The list price is scary too. At $400, you better be an avid headphone user! 

SIDE POINT: These headphones seriously cost $400. You may be able to find them lightly discounted online, but be warned that Beats headphones are the most counterfeited headphones on the market. Anyone promising Beats that are half off from an obscure eastern country (like say..China haa) are probably planning on sending a pair of speakers that they stole from the doors of a honda civic...

The Balance: Incase Sonic

Sometimes you don't want to have a super pounding bass in your face all day or, maybe, just want a really comfy pair of headphones. Enter the Incase Sonics! I've been using these for a solid year or so and am quite pleased.

The Good: The Sonics' high point comes in its quality construction and awesome comfort! They are constructed of a rubberized plastic with memory foam cups and a memory phone headrest. Also, the sound is also rather superb. These are not super, top-of-the-line headphones, but they definitely hold their own and have a wonderfully even sound. They're priced at $150 which is quite a chunk of change, but by no means unbearable. They include a detachable cord that has a controller on it, compatible with any new apple product.

The Not So Good: These headphones are great, but there are a few trade offs. The first problem is that they only include a freaking 4 foot cord! Really? That is insanely short! It can be an inconvenience. The other point I have is the memory foam. It's super comfy, and I love it! But don't plan on taking these things to the gym, they will get all soaked and nasty...poor choice Dayton...poor choice...

Mass Procustom: Skull Candy Hesh 2

These headphones are very popular among snowboarders and skaters because they are relatively inexpensive but deliver decent sound, and I can see their point! I wouldn't want my $400 pair of headphones getting crushed on a rail. The Hesh 2's are available pretty much everywhere, so if you actually want to be "SPECIAL" (you hipster...), these will not fit your needs.

The Good: The Hesh 2's provide even sound quality considering their cost of $50-70. They aren't super comfy but can be worn for a long time without reason for complaint. One of the coolest things about them is all the color options available.

The Not So Good: Unfortunately, the Hesh 2's are very "cheapy-cheap" when it comes down to build quality. They're constructed of slick feeling plastic. Sometimes the ear cup seems a little too rigid for my taste and doesn't really conform to my ear. What I hate about these headphones is that, compared to headphones in the same price range, they seem to let a lot of music escape. It can get annoying to know the dude next to you can hear your music...  

What did you think?


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  • I would like to point out that I have a pretty awesome set of Sennheiser headphones at home and they do exactly what I want, without the price of Beats or Skull candy. They seem to be the diamond in the rough when it comes to a nice set of headphones that will muffle the outside world, while keeping the bass intact that your ears crave.

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