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Feuer Kabel

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

If you are a REAL guitar player, you know how important it is to have a quality constructed cable to connect yourself to an amp. The cable is the connecting force that brings the life of destructive riffs and chords to the all powerful amplifier! It's a tried and true method of delivering face-melting power solos along with gentle chorus sung verses. Respect the cable.

The King of Cable

Monster Cable Monster Rock 1/4"

There isn't too much you can do to elaborate on the accessories of a guitar cable, mostly because it's by far the simplest piece of equipment that a player utilizes - possibly excluding the guitar pick. A bad cable can really screw stuff up, but the Monster Cable is not that cable.

The Good: These cables are built like tanks. I'm pretty certain you could win a sword fight with one of these. The Monster excels not only in its girth and longevity, but with a flawless sound! Cheaper cables have a tendency to have interference when they are around other cables (which is why it's always recommended that if you need to cross two cables, they should be perpendicular to each other: not parallel). The Monster gives a true representation of what is going on in the pickup.  If you hear static, it is most likely an amplifier problem or a pickup gone rogue.

The Not So Good: I absolutely love this cable, but there is one thing that gets me. Granted, I am a uni-turner, but this cord seems to be the hardest one to untangle! I think due to my relentless rocking and apparent uni-turning I get cables in terrible messes and, because the Monster cable is a bit more rigid, it's harder to untie. However, in spite of all my on ( and off) stage antics the Monster cable keeps on working with no sign of wear! Also, depending on what length you get, these can get pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for!

The Hippie Cable

Fender California Cable

The California Cable was one of my earlier purchases in my history of musical endeavors out of necessity more than actually researching what was best. The thing that struck me as I walked through a pawn shop was the intense BRIGHTNESS of the California cable. They are just like BAM! CABLE!

The Good: Obviously because they come in crazy see-thru, bright colors are a plus! The sound is decent, and the gauge seems large enough to be reliable. 

The Not So Good: The California Cable is coated in a weird rubber that makes all the kinks really stand out. Unlike the Monster cable, the Fender has very little resilience and the ends can become unscrewed if they go through enough abuse. Although, with the price of just $10, how much complaining can we do?

Straight Overkill

Analysis Plus Instrument Cable

I fell in love with this cable without even using one. Why? From the company:

"To get maximum performance you wouldn't put bicycle tires on a Ferrari - the same is true for your guitar and amp."

And that is why they charge $169 for a 15' cable!

The Good: The Analysis has done everything that anyone could ever think of to a cable to make it better. The Cord itself is a braided fabric cord underneath a transparent rubberized shield. This is the definition of a heavy gauge cable. You would be hard pressed to cause any type of interference even if you were playing a show underwater in an electrical storm.

The Not So Good: These cables are freakishly expensive! Right now, Monster cables are on clearance at Guitar Center, and you can get a 21' cable for $25 ( the 12' cables are priced at $40) and, honestly, I think that is all the cable you will ever need. For a 20' Analysis cable you will be out $219...eek...

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