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June 14, 2012 at 2:36 PMComments: 3 Faves: 0

Epic Existence

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Unlike so many people, I try to make my life exciting! Even when I'm faced with a rather dull life at times. I typically wake up, get in the shower, and rush out so I can make it to Subway, for breakfast, and then work on time! Pretty standard right? Even though I love my job, what I do in my free time is slightly more enjoyable to me.......

**Please note! This blog is written with extreme prejudice regarding the word "exciting". Knitting a sweater or making pottery just isn't super exciting for ME. I know that really gets some of you going though....**

I just started a project for a short video to enter into a festival and we wanted to do some really fun, extreme stuff that was a bit out of the ordinary. So these things are definitely on my list of life un-dullifying things to do! ENJOY!

Air Trekking

image2Air trekking is a combination of walking on stilts, riding a pogo stick, and parkour. You use things called "Air Trekkers" (which is a brand name, another is "Power Risers" but the generic name for them is stunt stilts, I think). Basically you strap on a pair of these strange bionic-leg looking things, and they use a carbon fiber bow to propel you into the air. With them on, you can run much faster and jump insanely high!

Cost: $300

Motorized Skateboarding

What!??? That's right! They actually invented it! A company called "Wheelman" makes it and it'simage1 called the "Bushpig." It can go in asphalt, dirt, sand, grass, and almost any other semi-level solid surface! The Bushpig sports a 1 liter gas tank that can get you about an hour's worth of ride time. The wheels are hub-less which allows you to put your feet inside the moving wheels! The riding looks to be very similar to a Ripstick, but the back wheel is locked in place. You control the throttle much like a mountain board with a handheld thumb throttle and squeeze brake. Its top speed is about 30 mph. Ahh!

Cost: $500

Orbit Wheeling

Made by the same people as the Bushpig, Orbit Wheels are a strange combination of rollerblades and the light cycles from TRON and a Ripstick. Basically, you put your feet inside two hard rubberimage wheels that are equipped with a massive bearing and a platform form your feet. Oriented like a skateboard, you swivel yourself to move. 

Cost: $100

So when your parkour, scuba diving, and rock climbing get old, don't be afraid to try an alternative! Just don't break yourself! 

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  • Wheels on feet... nope. Air trekking... nope. Motorized skateboard? That sounds amazing. Kind of like the cool kids' segway.

  • Cool kids that like to have huge gashes on their faces. I picture Dayton repeated smashing to the ground as he turns too hard and loses his balance.

  • I'm with Seth - that motorized skateboard sounds fun!

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