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February 15, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Cool Stuff Stores

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

I know for a fact that everybody likes cool stuff! How could you not like cool stuff? It's really cool! So why would you settle for really lame stuff if you have the oppurtunity of getting really cool stuff?  In my quest for cool stuff to fill my everyday needs/wants I have stumbled across quite a few different online retailers that cater to the cool stuff community. They are as follows...

Jack Threads is a site that is EERILY SIMILAR to and either way it is still a great clothing store. Jack Threads is a very guy-oriented store that caters to the little hipster in all of us (some of us). 

Jack Threads offers everything from t-shirts and jeans to phone cases and wall art. The prices are pretty good too, but sometimes even the "marked down" price feels a bit high for what is advertised. I have ordered only once off of Jack Threads and the quality of clothing was okay. For paying only about $11 per shirt I was very satisfied and I absolutely loved the material that the shirts were made of. They were super soft :D! 

All in all it's a great place to get clothes that you won't otherwise see. Another interesting thing that I found is that they have clothes that are made from all over, 2 of the shirts I purchased were U.S. made.

The biggest downside is that the shipping is a bit slow. 

Think Geek is about exactly what it sounds like. It is a bunch of super-geek toys that may or may not have any type of practical application.

This online store has all different sorts of weird stuff like bottle opener belt buckles and watches that give you can equation instead of a number. Think Geek also sells food. I am not entirely sure how much of your diet you will want to consist of tactical bacon and astronaut ice cream though. Think Geek prides itself with its extensive collection of gadgetry that can be used to impress your friends or just be a big ol' creeper!

Raidentech is a website of crazy r/c things! They have gas and electric powered stuff and some very unique just for funsies! Take for example their remote control blimps and hovercrafts, completely pointless, but somehow I need one right now. 

They have quite the selection of boats, planes, cars, and helicopters too. A lot of the helicopter's are pretty decently priced (like under $30) and it is really tempting to buy one!

Have you ever felt the need to have in your possession insanely powerful magnets just because? If that is the case this site is for you! Gaussboys is all just that, stupidly      powerful magnets!

See below:

Yup, they sell laser pointers, REALLY COOL ONES! On their site you can see the different model lasers lighting crap on fire or popping balloons. One of the coolest products on the site is their torch, which looks just like a regular flashlight, except that it can burn things and fry eggs. 

Hope you enjoyed! :D

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  • I want a powerful magnet! Now I can get one!

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