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March 22, 2013 at 3:29 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

New Cine Rig!

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Last week I purchased my first cinema rig! When it came in the mail I felt like I wanted to cry a little bit because it was so beautiful. It was a bubble wrapped carbon fiber and aluminum box of magic and wonder! 

Here it is:

Things I like

This is the PS Productions Cine Rig, it cost $300 off Ebay, which made me very happy because it isn't a crappy plastic one and at the same time I am not paying over $1,000 for something like a Zacuto rig. What I love about this rig is its handheld and tripod versatility! The shoulder pad is mounted on a pair of super long rods that are detachable from a "Z" bracket that connects to the other set of rods. This gives me the ability to take off the shoulder rods and mount the rig on a tripod/jib/slider very quickly and easily. It only requires unscrewing 1 thumb screw. 

I foresee the included matte box will serve me very well! The reason that matte boxes were invented (and lens hoods) was to decrease lens flare and glare from the sun or studio lights. The "French Flags" (flappy things that make part of the matte box) are typically adjustable because there are different situations where you may want more or less lens flare. I am excited to use my matte box for 2 reasons! The first is the obvious, flare control, if for some reason there is a spot light shining on my in the periphery I can complete block it out. The second reason sounds a little weirder, but I think it is more valid. When clients/anyone else sees the mighty MATTE BOX, they are going to think that we are so legit they better give us permission to use that whatever-it-is-we-want or they won't be able to end up on national TV!

The other thing that I am excited about is the handheld-ability of this rig! Because it has a shoulder pad, and because I added some counterweight, and has MAGIC HANDLES (actually called magic handles) it makes the best run and gun rig! 

Things that could be better

The only thing that I would change about it is maybe some included counterweight. Without the weights that I took from my worthless steadicam, the rig feels a bit unbalanced. The only other modification I would like to see is a different way to attach the camera. When all the bells and whistles are connected to the main frame it is very hard to take the camera off, so a quick release would be handy. I guess in the future, when ND filters become more relevant to me, a swinging arm and a filter holder would be handy. But, at the moment what I have is working great.

Other things

I am looking forward to using the 15mm rod system very much. There are so many cool things that you can put on it! Currently all I have are the handles, the follow focus, and the matte box on the main rods. But, I have so many options available to me it makes me want to have a movie-induced cry sesh. Take for example this thing:


This is a follow focus whip. It goes on the follow focus so a 2nd person can operate the focus of the camera while the main operator points it where it needs to go. It adds a very precise element when you are actively focusing while recording. You can add all different types of things to the 15mm rods like an external monitor for your focus guy or a handle for easy carrying of this whole thing. 

Pretty soon I will post a review of the new(ish) Rokinon Cine lens'! Be excited!

Happy Filming :D!

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