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July 8, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 2 Faves: 0

You're No Prince Charming: 5 Guys to Avoid Dating

By Rachael Ellen More Blogs by This Author

Mr. Right is out there somewhere, and heaven help all of us ladies trying to track him down.Too often we girls snag a cutie only to find out that he is not as wonderful as we initially thought. Hunting for hubby material can be discouraging and frustrating. Women are heading into the dating world with their hearts on their sleeves, fishing for the Big One that will be their Prince Charming.

If only it were that easy.

Dating can be a beast, but he’s out there ladies. While on your quest, be forewarned, some tendencies that you see in your BF may be warning signs for a deeper, underlying issue. Watch out for these stereotypical “guy-types” that can put you on the fast track to heartache.

The Gamer

Playing video games now and then is harmless, but keep your eyes peeled for the notorious gamer, the one who skips dates and postpones social events to instead bask in the glare of Xbox Live. Gamers are not necessarily anti-social, but they will schedule frequent “video game time.” A little TV time goes a long way, the gamer however, has an obsession that will not go away.

The Partier

Getting rowdy can be a blast! Cranking up some tunes and jammin’ out while dancing ridiculously in front of complete strangers (I may or may not have done this) is a great way to spend an evening with your friends, but the partier crosses that line. Normally, people would attend a few parties, have their fun, and call it an evening. Simple. The partier? He is the guy that is trying to drag you with him from one party to the next, no matter what time, what location, and what crowd decides to attend. The partier is usually harmless, but be aware that they like to have a good time which doesn’t always translate into a good time for you.

The Player

This guy gets under my skin like none other. Players are society’s d-bags that tend to stroll into our lives looking for some action. Ladies, don’t be fooled: they are dangerous and downright evil. The title has been used for generations, and the behaviors have not really evolved since the name’s inception. Your average player is the attractive looking man with an ego the size of Jupiter. In his mind, he is God’s gift to women, and his over confidence wafts off him like B.O.  I don’t care if you think that he might be a nice guy, if you ever come across a guy that’s deemed a player, assume he is going to use you. Once he’s finished and he’s got what he wants, he’ll throw you out and move on to the next victim. Don’t fall for the player, he’s nothing but bad news.

The Commitment Phobic

Red flags should start popping up if your man is shying away from commitment. If the relationship is in its early stages and you’re already talking about how many bridesmaids you’re having at the wedding, then he should be slamming on the brakes! However, if your relationship has become more mature and he is still sending mixed signals about his feelings, get out quick. The commitment phobic is always going to keep you in an unhappy and unstable place, no need to put yourself through that hot mess.

The Mommy’s Boy

Exceptions to this guy can be made (some dang good reasons better be spoken for the exceptions to apply however), but all in all the guy who still lives at home is not the guy for you. The exceptions include someone under the age of 25 who is still working on their education or is being economically savvy and saving some dough. Everyone else, however, should not be living with their momma. Mama’s boys usually have underlying reasons, including a fear of being alone or a lack of self discipline, that keeps them from spreading their wings. The danger? A mama’s boy usually imposes his need for a mother figure on his girlfriend. It is very, very creepy. Avoid the little birdy that has refused to leave his nest, it will make your flight a lot more enjoyable.

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  • hey, you forgot the married guy - he too needs to be avoided, I'm just saying - some people need to be told this because they don't follow the rules!!

  • Nice! I am sure there are about 10 more labels out there.

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