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Trust Non Latex Condoms to Stay Away From STD’s And Unwanted Pregnancies


Non Latex condoms are a great way to enjoy safe sexual intercourse and prevent unwanted pregnancies. They are either made up of polyurethane and polyisoprone. Condoms made of polyurethane are thinner, offer higher sensitivity and a more natural feeling. One advantage of their use is that exposure to oil based products wont damage allergic reactions. They conduct heat better than latex condoms and dont have any foul smell. These condoms should be used carefully otherwise, there are chances of breakage and slippage. Polyisoprone is a synthetic form of Latex which is made up by chemists. It is processed similarly like latex condoms and undergoes the same testing and packing process. Though they may be a bit expensive, but still non latex condoms are a better way to avoid pregnancy and stay away from sexually transmitted diseases. We offer free home delivery for all customers. Men who hesitate in buying condoms from an over the counter store can rely on our website to buy Non Latex condoms online. We respect the privacy of our customers and deliver the product to them in a discreet package. Non Latex condoms can be easily ordered from our online website at affordable prices.

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