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Sexual Violence Prevention


Some of the reasons that lead to a lack of consent to sexual activity causing sexual violence include fear, age, illness, disability as well as being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Sexual violence can happen to anyone from children to the elderly. Sex offenders are people of different walks of life and cultures, and they may be family members, strangers or trusted friends and acquaintances of their victims. In addition to this, the term sexual violence covers a wide range of sex crimes. For instance, it encompasses rape, child sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation, masturbating in the public or watching other individuals in a private act.

Based on recent research carried out in the U.S., only about 30 percent of the sexual violence cases are reported. Moreover, one in five women compared to one in seven men are bound to be raped at some point in the course of their life. This shows that females are more prone to sexual violence than males. About 10 percent of women have been raped at some point in the relationship with their partner.

On the one hand, 46 percent of lesbians and 74 percent of bisexual females have reported being victims of sexual violence. 43 percent of heterosexual women have also reported to be sexually violated. On the other hand, 40 percent of gay men and 47 percent of bisexual males have reported being victims of sexual violence. Among heterosexual males only 20.8 percent have reported being sexually violated. Each rape case has a high cost as well as a huge impact on the victim.

According to the statistical information on sexual violence in New York City, in 2008, there were 991 rape victims were transported to various city hospitals. The same year, 27 New York City Emergency Hospital Departments (52% response rate) reported 1,367 patients treated for sexual assault. The number of perpetrators of sex crimes who were arrested and convicted in the city was about 399, accounting for 43 percent of all arrested sex offenders, while 29 percent of the cases were dismissed due to lack of evidence which means that 267 arrestees accused of committing sex crimes were not charged.

Success of the plan can also be viewed as the plans effectiveness in educating the youth on the effects of sexual violence as well as its repercussions. These two approaches are extremely effective since the issue of sexual violence is analyzed from two standpoints thus making the results increasingly accurate. The surveys may also be carried using questionnaires, which will be very effective in ensuring that the required information is efficiently properly collected from the sample. Thirty days will be necessary to make certain that the study is done accurately and the obtained information is conclusive on the subject of sexual violence.


One in about six women has experienced either attempted rape or actual completed rape. Another very interesting point to consider is the fact that most victims usually know their offenders. A high percentage of the sexual assault cases take place in victims homes, and the rest occur in houses of victims neighbors or friends.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Centre, there are high chances that most people know an individual who has been sexually assaulted. On the one hand, one in a total of four girls by the age of eighteen is sexually assaulted. On the other hand, 1 in about six boys is usually a victim of sexual violence by that same age. About 73 percent of the adult victims of sexual violence have an idea of who the attacker is. 38 percent of the adult victims also have a friendly relationship with the offender while 28 percent have romantic relationship with the attacker. Moreover, 7 percent of the victims reported that the attacker was a relative. The younger victims, in their turn, showed a 90 percent chance that they actually knew the offender before the attack.

The perpetrators of sexual violence use force as well as threats and cause injuries. However, if a victim lacks any injuries or marks from the attack, it does not necessarily mean that he or she consented to the act of sexual violence. In the U.S., rape is listed as the least reported crime. It is also one of the least convicted violent offenses in the country. This is mostly because the victims choose to keep the crime to themselves instead of reporting it to the police. The reasons behind this include the fact that they may not be believed or that they may get embarrassed.

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