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Major Differences between Whiteboard Animations And Motion Graphics

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We have many different types of videos for marketing and promotion of products. However, we also have many other forms that are used for better explanatory purposes. One of those types is the whiteboard animation that is widely used for better explaining an idea in detail with moving images or drawing that are in continuous making mode.


People and businesses often use such type of video for prominent video marketing but they usually mix-up the two types that are the whiteboard animations and motion graphics.


Well both of these types are not the same at all! And its completely understandable read how!


To clarify we must first understand that both the forms have moving objects in the videos, and both are known as the explanatory videos. These are also a solid option for corporate type of videos, which are used for marketing purposes.


Whiteboard animation videos


Whiteboard animation videos are video with moving pieces of art. These art forms and images are drawn by talented artists. It sometimes appear as caricature art but the process of production is very different. In white board animations, the artists draw multiple series of scenes and adds it as animation, which brings life to it with the help of motion animation and a voice runs in the background as the scenes change. Many software allow you to Create Whiteboard Animation Online with much more ease if you are not an artist yourself.


It is a very captivating procedure because it amazes you by the way the artists draw the images, and how, things disappear one after another. It contains different shapes sizes and colors. In most cases, it even includes a story in it. If one need to use this type of videos for business purposes, it should be used in high quality and without any errors.


Motion graphics


Motion graphics are mainly computer skills that. These animations are digital videos, which create an illusion of any king of motion, back. Forth rotating etc. and is often combined with an audio. These types of videos are very simple forms of animations are used in multimedia projects.



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