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Female Sexual Health 101: It's All About Attitude — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Female Sexual Health 101: It's All About Attitude


Sexual Health

Sexual health is only one component of your overall general health, but has its own integral role in both emotional and physical well-being. Sexual health also involves certain aspects of safety including safe sex practices for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, to prevention of unwanted pregnancies. Sexual health encompasses the responsibilities of becoming knowledgeable about sex for the maintenance of overall sexual and general health.

Sex and Emotions

Sex is not only accompanied by certain physical changes, but is a highly emotional process. Good emotional health is directly correlated with improved feelings of good sexual health, especially in women. Sex is a highly emotional process, and is especially associated with desire and arousal. The desire to have sex and the ability to become aroused are important factors that contribute to sexual health.

Sexual Attitude

Sexual attitude is defined on an individual basis. It is generically defined as the views we personally hold true about sexuality and the ability to respect and understand this personal sexuality. The generation of a healthy sexual attitude is accomplished in several ways. The acceptance of individual sexuality is a necessity as it is who we are sexually, and directly effects daily interactions. Once this sexuality has been accepted, it is possible to take comfort in this known situation, and it is likely that you will have respect for yourself and others. This respect of your sexual attitude is generally associated with healthy sexual decision making.

What Can I Do to Improve My Sexual Attitude?

The generation and maintenance of a healthy sexual attitude is essential.� There are several things than can be done to improve this overall attitude.

  • Education: Take the initiative to educate yourself. Education is the first step to generation of opinions and informed decision making.
  • Question: Take the initiative to ask questions if you are confused.
  • Listen: Others will form different opinions and make decisions based on their individual knowledge base. It is important to take the time to listen, learn, and decipher the facts from fiction.
  • Respect: Respect yourself and others. Make healthy decisions for the improvement and maintenance of your sexual attitude.
  • Medical: The maintenance of your overall general health is necessary for a healthy sexual attitude. Pap smears should be done on a yearly basis for healthy women.
  • Safe Sex: Safe sex techniques are important for sexual attitudes. The ways to have safe sex have improved over the years, condoms are abundantly available, and birth control methods are efficient with correct use.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: If it is possible that you have a sexually transmitted infection, get tested. Protect yourself from these infections.

Finding Your Sexual Identity

Your sexual identity is comprised of your sexual attitude and knowledge base of sex. The lack of sexual identity can lead to social, psychological, emotional, and even physical problems.Viewing your wants and needs of sexual activity as normal, healthy, and satisfying is the first step in sexual identification.


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