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11 Traits of a Sociopath

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Meeting and interacting with someone that has sociopathic traits can be an unnerving situation. But, how do you know if the person is truly a sociopath? If you know what some of the characteristics are of sociopaths, you’ll be able to identify who really is and who really isn’t one a bit more easily.
What are the characteristics/qualities of a sociopath?
#1: Lack of empathy:
A sociopath is unable to feel sympathy for other people and won’t be able to understand how their actions have emotional consequences.
#2: Shallow emotions:
A sociopath won’t react emotionally to specific events that should evoke emotion. They will also have a limited capacity to feel or give love. 
#3: Narcissism:
This is a personality disorder in and of itself, where an individual loves and admires themselves. It is often a way to combat a very low self-image or low self-esteem). 
#4: Cold, manipulating, and calculating:
A sociopath will use others for their own gain in manipulating, calculated ways without any regard to how it makes others feel.
#5: Charming:
Sociopaths often come across as very normal and sometimes very charming. They are usually good at mimicking emotions, even though they are not actually feeling them.
#6 High IQ:
Many sociopaths are highly intelligent and are good at using this for their advantage to plan and manipulate people and situations for their own benefit. 
#7 Unwilling to accept criticism:
For sociopaths, criticism is a very sensitive topic. They are often unwilling to accept it or are very sensitive to it, often feeling like criticism is a way to make them feel victimized. 
#8 Sexual deviancy: 
Sociopaths will usually lack guilt or remorse and therefore will engage in sexually deviant activity, all without questioning their desires or what is right or wrong. 
#9 Impulsive:
Often, sociopaths will make sudden decisions based on a current state of mind or facts around,  without any thought about consequences. 
#10: Compulsive lying:
Sociopaths are good at pretending, so they are very good at lying. They will hardly ever speak the truth and will do what it takes to keep the façade going. 
#11 Lack of trust:
Sociopaths usually don’t trust others and are paranoid about others around them. 
The differences between sociopaths and psychopaths:
This term is often used interchangeably by people, but psychopaths are usually more calculating and measured in how they act, whereas sociopaths are driven more by impulse and lack of empathy. More often than not, a psychopath is one that commits more criminal acts than a sociopath does.
Spencer & Sundstrom is a criminal defense law firm. Nothing above is meant to be construed as legal advice.

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