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January 4, 2012 at 9:41 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

10 Ways To Attract A Guy

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  1. Dress To Impress- Instead of dressing inappropriately to get a guy’s attention, dress as if you were going on a first date: casual but classy as well. Dressing inappropriately only gives a guy the wrong idea about you, and it’s a turn off to see a girl dressed so poorly. Although you may think that's what all guys want to see, it's not true.  A guy wants a girl to catch his eye in a good way, not a way that would make him disgusted.
  2. Hair- Don't keep the same hair style.  Mix it up every once in awhile; you can curl it, straighten it, make it wavy, etc. I recommend hair styles to be down most the time because guys tend to prefer it. Also, think about adding flowers or bows to clip to your hair, depending on the outfit. Flowers tend to give more of a exotic appearance, while bows give off more of a innocent look.
  3. Jewelry- Always wear jewelry. Jewelry always tends to compliment your outfit and beauty.
  4. Makeup- You don't have to, but I suggest you go with makeup that provides more of a natural look because guys love to see the natural beauty you posses. Do not use so much makeup that it's noticeable; guys do not like girls who “pancake” their faces.
  5. Shoes- Don't wear shoes that hurt your feet all the time. Mix it up a bit. A lot of guys love seeing girls wear boots or heels, because it shows off your attitude and compliments your legs. But, learn to wear comfortable shoes as well, like sandals or flats. All this also depends on the weather. Do not wear a certain pair of shoes too much, a guy will want you to flaunt what you got without trying too hard.
  6. The Game- Now you will bring a good amount of attention to yourself. When guys come up to talk to you, don't be shy - show that you are capable of being independent and play hard to get a little bit. Prove the guy wrong and make yourself uneasy and mysterious, leading him to be more attracted to you. He will just attempt to try harder. This is one of the fun parts of being a girl.
  7. Attitude- Always be a sweetheart. This will just confuse the guy, making him wonder how you could be so sweet but hard to get at the same time. Girls who lead guys to believe that they are a mystery tend to have an easier time drawing the guy in.
  8. Jealousy- If you're a jealous girl, do not show it. Jealousy is a huge turn off to guys because then they think you are going to be a “crazy” girl who trys to control them. Show you're a girl who could really care less if he went and hit on other girls. Soon he will realize that you're not like other girls who get jealous. Doing this will make him desire you the most.
  9. Personality- Guys love girls who have a great personality. A turn-off for them is when a beautiful girl on the outside is truly ugly on the inside. Do not be that girl! Do not get cocky! If your self-esteem begins to rise because of all the guys hitting on you that is a great thing, but it can also be very bad. Do not get a big head because you will just turn out to be another beautiful girl with an ugly personality that no one will want to have a relationship with. Be Yourself!
  10. Honesty- No matter what, always be honest and true to the person you begin dating. Honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship. Don't allow the person you are dating to lie to you! If a lie is told, how could the person be trusted again? If they believe you are worth it, they will work for your trust. Remember: Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me! 

Good Luck!!!

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