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Lunch Recipes


Smoked Turkey Wrap/ Gluten free
By Lesia Serves 1


Heat the spinach tortilla over open flame or in a skillet soften.rnLayer romaine, cheese, turkey,tomato,avocado…

Spanish Hamburger Sandwiches
By Tamara Serves 8


Brown ground beef and chopped onions. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Berry Sweet Couscous
By Tamara Serves 8


Cook rice in rice cooker and boil water for couscous. Put couscous in large bowl…

Nori Burgers
By Jennifer Serves 1


This is a cross between a nori make roll and a hamburger. There is no…

Cuban-Inspired Savory Black Bean Oatmeal
By Big Dave from SLN Serves 4


This savory twist on oatmeal features sweet caramelized onion and banana to cut through the…

Orange Soy Marinated Beet Noodles
By Erin Froehlich Serves 10


Sweet, earthy beets are nutrient-packed and probably one of the world's most beautiful foods, so…

Apple Tarragon Chickpea Salad Wraps
By Christina Pasternak Serves 4


This delicious and nutritious take on a classic lunchtime favorite, chicken salad, contains all the…

Broccoli and Mushrooms recipe
By wivuzaa13 Serves 4


Broccoli and Mushrooms are cheap and easy vegetables. You can use canned vegetables and fresh…

Bistro Fresh Tuna Salad
By Erin Froehlich Serves 2


I'm a big fan of tuna, so when I see it being mixed to the…

The Chatwich
By Laura Hogg Serves 2


Today, I'm going to share a recipe that is not only pretty to look at,…

Red Pepper, Asparagus and Goat Cheese Quiche
By Sue Serves 6


These little quiches are perfect for picnics. Serve warm or cold they are delicious.

Hand Held Salad
By Sue Serves 4


Use the salad bar to get your ingredients. They are already chopped and ready to

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