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November 6, 2013 at 9:48 AMComments: 26 Faves: 1

It's All One Big Damn Conspiracy... Or Not

By Kyle McCarthy from SLN More Blogs by This Author

"People love conspiracy theories." – Neil Armstrong

“Devil worshiping pedophiles basically run the New World Order. They love death, and they love killing babies.” – Alex Jones

Something for Nothing

In certain cluttered basements and dimly-lit garages throughout the narrow alleys and vast acres of this country, there exists an accepted mode of thinking about the state of the world. It goes like this: "The complete lack of evidence is the surest sign that the conspiracy is working." Please do me a quick favor and reread that sentence.

Now, if the absence of something resonates with you as a logical line of argumentation for the existence of the thing in question, please stop reading this piece. The plan here isn’t to insist on the presence of phantoms, but rather to examine the human need for conspiracy and the reasoning behind our motivations. This isn't meant to deny the existence of conspiracies (there are undoubtedly several brewing as I type this sentence), but rather to illuminate the idiocy of individuals who would insist on the existence of nefarious clandestine enterprises based precisely on the absence of any evidence of such.

More commonly, this is known as an appeal to ignorance, which states that something must be true simply because it cannot be proven false. This is no doubt a deliciously convenient argument for anyone whose position is unraveling in a heated debate, but it is nevertheless a logical fallacy - it doesn't actually hold any water. An appeal to ignorance is an excuse to cling to a baseless belief by attempting to subvert the validity of observed truths. It's an attempt to ask irrelevant questions ad infinitum as a way of permanently filibustering a logical conclusion because said conclusion is inconveniently incongruous with an unshakeable agenda.

The "War" for Your Mind

So why is it that conspiracy theorists are so devoutly insistent on pursuing their Google-fueled investigations? There are a number of reasons, but most of them seem to point more toward individual insecurity and a narcissistic impulse than genuine interest in uncovering concealed truths.


Michael Barkun, professor emeritus at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, is an expert in political extremism and the relationship between violence and religion. He’s also one of the leading conspiracy theory scholars in the United States. In an interview with Chip Berlet of New Internationalist Magazine, he states that there are three separate appealing categories for the conspiracy theorist:

First, conspiracy theories claim to explain what others can't. They appear to make sense out of a world that is otherwise confusing. Second, they do so in an appealingly simple way, by dividing the world sharply between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. They trace all evil back to a single source, the conspirators and their agents. Finally, conspiracy theories are often presented as special, secret knowledge unknown or unappreciated by others. For conspiracists, the masses are a brainwashed herd, while the conspiracists in the know can congratulate themselves on penetrating the plotters' deceptions.

So, according to Barkun, conspiracists are trying to circumvent outdated (i.e. accepted) institutions to interpret the world around them by splitting it into fantastical binary extremes to seek out the perceived ‘evil-doers,’ and they’re doing so as a means of confirming their own special brilliance. One need look no further than the current ring leader of this circus for confirmation of this hypothesis.

Notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the Texas-based radio host and founder of the popular conspiracy site, is the perfect mix of ego, fear, and mental illness. Think Joseph McCarthy, but instead of accusing everyone of being a Communist, he accuses everyone of being either a demon or a sheep. He envisions himself as the lone crusader for truth and justice, but is actually a paranoid, unstable, hardass, who is simultaneously skeptical of fact, incapable of coherent thought, and delusionally convinced of his own brilliance. (This person went on his radio show and blamed the government for creating the tornadoes ["weather weapons"] that struck Oklahoma last spring.)

When interviewed, Jones cannot physically restrain himself from screaming irrelevant nonsense at his host and mocking other panel members’ accents. He seems truly incapable of taking anyone without a southern drawl seriously. (Naturally, he’s also suspicious of academics.) Still, despite his brazen lunacy, over 3 million listeners tune in to his syndicated radio show, which airs six days a week on more than 70 radio stations across the United States. Most of these listeners tend to be young, impressionable libertarians (political hipsters) who propagate a repetitive mantra based on an ancient document in an attempt to opt out of paying their taxes. (Taxes are also a conspiracy.)

Kings of Convenience

Surprisingly (or perhaps, thanks to Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, etc., not so surprisingly), this brand of crazy is spreading like wild fire. According to an article posted just last month on TPM, 13% of Americans believe the American government carries out "false flag" operations, 26% of all Americans believe Muslims within the government are incorporating Sharia Law into the U.S. Judicial System, 36% of Americans believe the current administration is "secretly trying to take everyone's guns away," and 44% of Republicans believe that armed rebellion "might be necessary."


These numbers are almost as staggering as the lack of evidence to support their claims, which is exactly what allows conspiracists to continue their crusade - a willing ignorance of facts. Remember, the lack of evidence only serves to affirm their suspicions, and when proof is presented, it must have been planted. In this way, the true conspiracist is able to make something literally out of nothing, which also means that there is no reasoning with them. This thought paradigm also means that very few of these individuals will ever come to their senses, and their numbers will only continue to grow as (ironically) they are shepherded along by obnoxious media personalities.

Research tells us that this willingness to not only believe, but to propagate these beliefs, makes perfect sense. According to Viren Swami, a psychology professor at the University of Westminster who conducted survey and laboratory research on the nature of the conspiracist in 2010, “The best predictor of belief in a conspiracy theory is belief in other conspiracy theories... If you know the truth and others don’t, that’s one way you can reassert feelings of having agency.” So paranoia begets further paranoia as means of reaffirming autonomy, until the whole world is just one large cover up. The reasoning behind such an exponential, existential leap is that these theories aren't based on evidence, logic, or rationale; they're based on emotion and a larger worldview about the political elite and their empirical desire to crush 99.9% of society.

Plausibility vs. Naive Certitude

Now, not everyone who has questions about the Kennedy Assassination, the Moon Landing, or 9/11 is a radical, delusional, narcissist. There had to have been at least one more shooter, the flag appears to be blowing in the wind, and somebody must know what happened to those black boxes. But these are potential clues to a greater truth, not certain conclusions about skeleton theories. Furthermore: Do secret societies like the Bilderberg Group and the Skull and Bones exist? Of course they do; they just aren't all that secretive. The difference between a rational human and a conspiracist is that the former believes these organizations influence global policy, while the conspiracist believes these are organizations influence global policy and want to place your grandparents and all known puppy and/or kitten dissidents in a compound surrounded by barbed wire and patrolled by armed guards.

There's possibility, there's plausibility, and there's fantasy. Conspiracists struggle with the distinction, but what they lack in discernment, they more than make up for with hyperbole.

Dear Mr. Fantasy

When I was four-years old, my older brother snottily informed me on our way home from school one day that Santa Clause wasn't real. As you can imagine, or likely recall from your own childhood, this was a traumatic experience for me. Not only did it severely deafen my sense of wonder, but in an instant, it also transformed my mom and dad from the caring, compassionate parents they were into absolute masters of deceit. There was no magic. There was no fantasy. Just a couple of pseudo-adults trying to give their children a nice Christmas. Screw them.


I was faced with a serious dilemma. I could either call out my parents for feeding me a line of crap, replete with tears, screams, and indignant foot stamps, or I could say nothing and talk myself into believing that it was actually my malevolent sibling who was the liar. I opted for the latter, enjoying another four years or so of Yuletide ignorance as bliss. Believing that a fat, red-faced, magical flying man who lived in the vast recesses of The North Pole could climb down billions of chimneys to deliver copious amounts of loot to greedy children was just so much more fun than facing up to the reality that Christmas actually only consisted of my mom and dad, a trip to Wal-Mart, and a little late night gift-wrapping.

Isn't the fantasy always more fun?


Kludt, Tom. "Poll: Large Numbers of Republicans Believe Conspiracy Theories on Guns, Sharia Law." TPM. 2 Oct. 2013. Web. 1 Nov. 2013.

Koerth-Baker, Maggie. "Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories." The New York Times. 21 May 2013. Web. 1 Nov. 2013.

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  • "Isn't the fantasy always more fun?"

    Yes. Yes it is.

  • While I tend to be more open-minded than the average person - I read tarot cards, follow astrology and numerology, believe in aliens, and that there must probably be explanation for ghosts - I feel this is sort of misleading and I can be disappointingly skeptical around like-minded people.

    My boyfriend has several friends that are passionate conspiracy theorists and I've learned to avoid getting into discussion/arguments over the topics with them. Like you said, there's really no reasoning with them. Obviously, I'm just the unfortunate victim of brainwashing, a helpless sheep in the flock of the ignorant. Otherwise, we get along fine, but they're determined to hold onto the idea that they know better.

  • "Libertarians (political hipsters)" - Ouch, but isn't it semi-common knowledge that most hipsters actually lean toward liberalism er... progressivism? Sorry that's not rooted in fact, but more on a stereotype. It must be a conspiracy since I have no evidence.

    I can understand the wacko non-sense of "Weather Machines" and I agree with you in full that those people such as Alex Jones are nut jobs. It's also super easy to pick the rotten fruit from the pile and use it to make a case. Which one should I pick from big government lovers? Hitler the Heinous Fascist, Stalin the Slaughtering Communist, Mao the Murderous Master? All of them used propaganda and media while silencing the "conspiracy theorist" and mislabel their opposition as nut jobs, or evil. Do you find it a little unreasonable that I use such outrageous figures to illustrate my point?

    Like I said I agree with you that there are nut job wacko conspiracy theorist everywhere (birth certificate conspiracy, weather machines, even cem-trails). Where I disagree is your blatant yet slightly hidden labeling of anyone who doesn't like MASSIVE government as a nut job wacko conspiracy theorist that doesn't want to pay their taxes. Anyone who doesn't trust government/think like you is an ignorant, un/undereducated moron incapable of rational though and therefore resorts to dualities of good v. evil.

    Am I supposed to believe that black boxes mandated in all new cars by 2014 are solely to protect the public in traffic collisions? Not a single reason for their implementation is based on surveillance purposes, insurance lobbyism, or new forms of taxation? Am I seriously supposed to believe that Wall Street and Politicians aren't stroking each other while while lying on top of the American people? The financial and auto bailouts were pretty clear evidence of this. Am I really supposed to believe that a paper passport survived a jet fuel explosion and fluttered to the ground unscathed allowing authorities to positively IDed one of the 9/11 high-jackers? Am I really supposed to believe that a broken website for browsing and purchasing healthcare plans that costs $450M and has no other alternative purposes beside providing higher cost plans? That's either the biggest waste of taxpayer money I've ever seen, or its has an alternate purpose of driving this nation toward a single payer system that would make the NSA go from 6-midnight.

    You'll tear me apart in everything I've written cause you're extremely talented at the art, but I can tell you right now that's we've lost more freedom to our oh so loving, benevolent, never wrong, freedom toting, incorruptible, fact-checked by the media, government. than we've lost to any foreign power or MNC. It's pretty hard to ignore the idea of conspiracy when we keep losing our basic civil liberties such as the fourth amendment to the very people tasked with protecting them. It's a little hard to trust the only entity with the authority to force the people to comply under the threat of jail time. Please forgive people like me for questioning the motives of a controlling force. We are simple minded, overly-aggressive, greedy, gun-toting, racists, that care only for ourselves. We don't know any better.

    Why don't you give use a little parcel of land to create our on system on and we'll die off quicker.

  • Tempting, but I like you too much.

    My main point here was to illustrate the internal motivations of the conspiracy theorist (and have a little fun w/Alex), which are:

    1) The need to make sense of a confusing world
    2) The need to label good and evil
    3) The need to feel a superior sense of knowledge

    Check. Check. Check.

    As for stereotyping political parties, I always broke it down this way:

    Libertarians: Hipsters
    Liberals: Hippies
    Republicans: Squares

    Obviously, I'm painting with a broad brush here, but this has how it's always worked out in my personal experience.

  • It's no secret that Jones uses conspiracy theories to make money and sadly it seems that the more outlandish his claims the more viewer/listenership he gains. He does utilize all the methods you list. The thing that pisses me off the most is he damages the reputation of every movement he touches. Remember his rant on Piers Morgan? I was so embarrassed by that. I was on his side for that and I was embarrassed about my gun-owners rights belief. He gives people plentiful amounts of ammunition to use against himself and people that may agree with some of his points.

    I normally don't believe the whole story. If I did that I'd still think Americans helped the native Americans, Mexico gave us Texas, New Mexico, and CA, and Jesus was White.

    Now I'm curious would you consider the examples I brought up as conspiracy or just reasonable questioning? I'm more terrified of our current direction than I've ever been, and i guess I'm on of those 44% of people that believe unarmed revolution is necessary to gaining freedom back. They felt it necessary in Egypt, and Libya. Why not here?

    As for the Labeling parties we must hangout with vastly different groups.
    Republicans = Christians
    Liberals = Artists, Teachers, Gov Workers
    Libertarians = Small group of loud people who are politically pissed off and probably jobless.

  • Strike unarmed revolution and replace with armed revolution.

  • If our government turns into an autocracy and begins murdering its own citizens in the streets, then I will feel an armed revolution is necessary. As for forcing people to buy health coverage in the hopes of restructuring the healthcare system and bringing down arbitrary insurance rates, I'm not willing to go fully automatic just yet.

    As for your examples mentioned, there's a very thick line between rational criticism and conspiracists.

  • See I don't even need it to come to one ruler. If we hit fascism I'll feel it's necessary, but futile.

    The Truth is Treason in An Empire of Lies - Ron Paul

  • Fascism? I don't think America is currently or ever will be even close to a fascist state.

  • Fascism: The country is ruled by a totalitarian and corporatist government. It has also gone by the names Nazism, Baathism, Corporatism, and Falangism.

    American is closer to a fascist state than any other form of government. The executive branch would be the totalitarian portion controlling media, surveillance of citizens and social networks, intelligence, prosecution, sentencing, etc. The ever increasing militarized police shows you the route we're going as a police state. The large labor Unions, MNCs, and regulatory agency bureaucrats would be the corporatist maintaining the workforce and job creation, taxation, resource allocation etc.

    The strong sense of Nationalism and Glorification of the Military is the same thing as Merica' back to back World War Champs, and "Land of the free home of the brave", apple pie, "greatest place on earth", etc. Thanking troops for the oppression of another nation, defending corporate interests, and policing the world is common practice here in the states. Do you think the people of Germany said "Thank you for your service" when the Wehrmacht invaded Poland? What about the celebration and over the top patriotism for 9/11? Very Similar to the Reichstag Fire and it's anniversaries wouldn't you say? Not to mention the strong political consequences as a result.

    Last you need a common enemy. This common enemy keeps the people wrapped up in that strong sense of nationalism and pride. This unites the people into accepting measures that the people would normally despise, and protest. Ours common enemy just happens to a broad encompassing term labeled terrorism instead of the Jews and Gypsies. I mean we do hold these suspected terrorist in a camp and torture them.

  • I thought Obama and his administration were a bunch of socialist pigs? Socialism of course being the diametrical opposite of fascism. You're confusing the Executive, Legistlative, and Judicial branches established in your beloved Constitution for fascism.

    Right. Because it's totally abnormal for citizens to commemorate the largest attack on American soil in 70 years. A moment of silence obviously points toward Nationalist hysteria.

    Wait? Israel is basically the 51st state. You're somehow claiming there an enemy of the United States?

  • I'm not talking about Obama. I'm talking about the office. This change has been occurring throughout many presidencies. That being said he may have ran as a free market democrat to hide his socialist beliefs, but he has implemented fascist legislation and policy. Look at the Monsanto Protection Act, Automotive bail outs, Solyndra grant, NDAA 2012, extending the PATRIOT Act, drone strikes now legal on American citizens suspected of terrorist activites, gun control executive orders, continuance of NSA spying from Bush Admin, forcing privatized healthcare on to citizens, creating a new agency to monitor and control healthcare. Has he closed gitmo like he promised? Nope.

    When you look back at his presidency what's really been achieved in the name of liberty? DOMA getting over turned? What part did he play in that? Clapping his hands and saying a speech?

    The three branch system will always be a veil to place in front of the American people, but you know damn well one day a justice may just pass cough (killed) cough away allowing for a new justice that reads the constitution cough (irrelevant) cough the right way. Or legislator gets caught in a sex scandal at just the right moment turning an election.

    9/11 is not just a moment of silence and you know it. There you go again with your sweeping exaggerations. The whole nation goes insane about it. Media plays coverage about it for a whole week, history channel runs shows on it, there are memorial parades, and speeches across the nation. It's a big reminder that without our beloved government we're nothing. They protect us from the baddies that live in caves halfway across the world.

    Israel an enemy to the US? I wish, you know how many problems that would solve us? I don't know where you pulled this idea, but screw Israel. Our support to them is a waste of money and time.

  • The principal tenet of fascism is Ultra-Nationalism. How does the paranoid right convince itself that this is a unified country at all? There is more political dissent in the United States than any other country outside of the Middle East. How does that square? This is exactly what I'm talking about in the actual blog. There's no actual evidence to support this. Look at the polls. We're as divided as we ever have been.

    Please explain to me how privatized health care (i.e. taxes) are a form of fascism. Why do you continue to insist that socialism = fascism? They are literally opposite political ideologies, but the recognition of this fact would prove my point, so it cannot be accepted.

    Obamacare means that all people will receive health care. Can't think of any greater liberty that's been established since the Civil Rights Act.

    I know damn well that Supreme Court Justices will be assassinated? That's paranoid projection. And when legislators get caught in sex scandals, it's because they were involved in a sex scandal.

    "The whole nation goes insane about it." Now that's a sweeping exaggeration. When I do it, it's called a micro-analogy. When you do it, it's hyperbole.

    You're right. We should allow them to be blown off the face of the earth.

  • Ultra-Nationalism like we were after 9/11? Does that count? It's possible here. I know we're divided as hell now. You can see that right here in our convo, but what is the common ground that all of us connect with. Supporting the troops and stopping terrorists. We're a powder keg for catastrophe right now and all it takes is a spark.You're right I have no evidence, but I'm hypothesizing on all this, not claiming it's fact like crazy man Jones. To me this is all anticipated by our glorious all knowing leaders.

    You're right Socialism and fascism are different. Socialism is worker control over the state, how is forcing privatized healthcare onto Americans putting workers in power over insurance companies? Duh, K2 the government acts on behalf of the people. Well if that's the case lobbyism shouldn't be an issue right? If all Americans will receive healthcare than why are you opting for the penalty instead of affordable coverage? ACA can be affordable if you don't need it, but as soon you put your affordable subsided Bronze plan to action BOOM massive deductible that you can't afford! Liking ACA to the Civil Rights Act is such a sad joke. You have people being forced to participate or receive penalties for not. Forced and freedom are basically antonyms. People are getting their policy's cancelled and the poor pay for the old. Male's have to purchase insurance plans that cover maternity care even thought they obviously don't need it to pay for poorer women that do. Over turning DOMA was the closest thing to the Civil Rights Act that's happened during this Presidents reign and the he can't even claim responsibility for it. ACA isn't a socialist program. It's a POS program.

    I have no proof. You're right I'll retract it, but personally I would feel very naive to think it can't, hasn't, and doesn't happen, but that's just me distrusting the powerful.

    Ok, so maybe saying insane wasn't the right word. There are a lot more statements in that paragraph that are true. Especially pertaining to the reminder of our worthlessness and need for government protection.

    When it comes to Israel we should let them fend for themselves like a sovereign nation.

  • So because I support American service people and recognize the existence of terrorist cells I'm a nationalist? How many nations have we annexed lately?

    Our representatives in Washington passed the bill. That's how our government has always worked. Also, deductibles are part and parcel of insurance. It's kind of how the whole thing works. Without deductibles, we'd have to raise the penalty or enforce a mandatory tax for universal health care. Would you prefer that? Healthcare in this day and age is a fundamental human right and should be recognized even if that means I get a tax penalty for not participating. Glad to do so. I'm opting out of the mandate because I can't personally afford it, but I have no problem being taxed for doing so if that means helping provide a subsidy for a family living below the poverty line.

    I'm sorry, I just don't believe in an isolationist perspective when a nation's leader goes on record saying the he wants to obliterate an enemy off the map. At some point, we're human beings, a position that transcends arbitrary lines and borders.

    So tell me, when is someone in full-on black military gear with chest kevlar going to knock on my door and drag me to one of these NWO camps? You're not the first person to be mistrustful of our government. But when is all this government control finally going to put me in shackles? This has been happening for centuries, but there's still no one knocking on my door.

    Please tell me when I can expect them so I can hide in the basement prolonging my inevitable enslavement. If you can give me a date, I will retract everything I've written.

  • See I support the troops that acknowledge their mistake and now resent what they were sent to fight for. They're creating the exact group they are told to neutralize. One day we'll realize that an Iron Fist is no way to lead and that the actions of our government in other countries is what caused 9/11 in the first place. Interventionism is the problem.

    The deductibles are set by insurance companies based on the amount of your monthly premium. That's my understanding I could be wrong. It has nothing to do with taxing. The tax penalty only comes from not participating in the system. The subsides are paid for by young people not utilizing their plans that were forced upon. They pay these premiums monthly to fund the subsides. Please tell me how a young professional making S25,000/yr is going to pay his $10,000 deductible if he gets in a car accident? His Bronze plan only covers 60% of his total medical costs so he's also on the line for the remaining 40%. Not to mention that's after his deductible is paid. Please tell me how that is affordable? The system is built on the gamble that he wont get hurt and his payments will pay for the old and sick with larger bills that are subsidized till he gets older and then the younger generation covers him. It's the same stupid system that is Social Security. The oh so stellar cure all for American's without a nest egg. You know the one's that relied on government for their retirement.

    You'll never get a black bagged buddy. You like paying your taxes and you do it with a smile. You'll accept new ones also. They don't come after the compliant. They come after the rebels. The ones that don't step in line. Americans are just starting to accept getting spied on it. It's going to be awhile before they accept the imprisonment of ruthless evil domestic terrorists. They may not even notice though with Miley and Justin on the TV. This is the ground work. History in the making. Don't believe me that's fine, but just don't call me ignorant for noticing the security cameras, dragnet surveillance, and tracking devices.

    I guess you can say I'm a conspiracy theorists. I don't see that as a bad thing.

  • "Please tell me how a young professional making S25,000/yr is going to pay his $10,000 deductible if he gets in a car accident?" He'll pay them in the same way that all large debts are paid: installments. Would it be better for him not to have coverage and owe $500,000?

    "Americans are just starting to accept getting spied on it." Nope. Americans have been accepting it for decades; they just didn't want to deal with it. It's fascinating how shocked people are when spy agencies spy. What did everyone think the NSA and the CIA were up to all these years?

  • Ah yes installments. Quick way for the system to go bankrupt. Glad my healthcare is going into this mess. Yippe! You know he has to pay the full $10,000 deductible before his coverage starts. Does he take a pay day loan to do this? Even a Silver plan covering 80% of his bills has a $5,000 deductible and costs on average $300+ a month. Have you gone to It's anything, but affordable.

    What did everyone think they were doing? Spying on foreigners and other countries that harbor terrorists like we were lied to. They never said they were spying on American facebook pages and call logs. It took a whistle-blower to let that cat out of the bag. Furthermore just bacuse everyone joked it was happening made it OK? No!

  • A doctor won't operate on someone if they don't have $10,000 in their hands? You believe that? It's called the Hippocratic Oath, man.

    The radical right just won't be happy until we're all living in shacks in the Smoky Mountains having freedom parties. Are you suggesting that we should all be given 100% free health care? Please present a workable health care model that doesn't leave the 47% bleeding in the gutter.

    Wait... So you thought that we were spying on foreigners, and that was okay? As opposed to them spying on whom? Grandchildren of immigrants like you and me?

  • One quick thing? If we cut entitlements and refuse to raise the minimum wage, how the hell is anyone not born into privilege in this country every going to survive, much less thrive?

  • Anything that drive competition between insurance company's is what I would prefer.

    what I was never in favor of any spying. The American Congress ok'ed that and the people didn't fuss cause we were hell bent on justice. If I were President NSA would be kaput and I would press charges on them for treason against the American people. I would do the same to the CIA, but I keep that agency around and maintain a strict/short leash.

    That's a huge question hombre, but we've talked about my answer before. Isolationism, and fair trade, not free trade. Hike tariff taxes through the roof and bring all the jobs back to American soil. Protect American workers with tarrif taxation and high employee demand. Sure costs go up, but so do wages as a result of companies having to compete for employees instead of employees having to compete for jobs. Minimum wage only exists when there are little chances for employment meaning people will settle for lower wages instead of going elsewhere. It's all about jobs man! Make it easy for small biz to compete and expand. Don't let major companies buy up small/medium size business. Exercise anti-trust laws.

    Competition bring out the best in people and in companies. The more competition the more ideas the more advancement.

    There is a reason Clinton signed NAFTA, and other Presidents before him have lowered our tariff taxes. Corps were paying big money to escape union costs.

  • If you have a surplus of jobs you wont need entitlement programs cause the homeless will only be homeless cause they don't want to work and it will be obvious to everyone.

  • Actually, forget anti-trust laws and below is why.

    "The government is the largest monopoly in existence, and market monopolies can only be maintained with assistance from the government. Large corporations favor regulation because they are able to absorb the high fixed costs associated with such restrictions. This drives smaller, less profitable, stores out of business and helps establish the large firm's unnatural dominance over a market. It also prevents new firms entering the market by raising the cost of entry.

    The free market would be better off if anti-trust laws, among other laws, were trashed."


  • Hippocratic oath is not enough. The doctors may be great, but administration is calling the shots:

    It's not just the dude who died, watch to the end and see this woman give birth on the lawn outside the hospital.

  • Santa Clause ain't real! .......Thanks for ruin it for me........Wait! who's been leaving me presents all these years.

  • What if conspiracy... was real?!

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