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October 28, 2011 at 4:31 PMComments: 4 Faves: 0

Think Your Car is SO You? You're Probably a Road-Rager!

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What’s your car like?

Is it large or diminutive? Boxy or sleek? Is it decked out in bumper stickers, messy and “well loved”? Is it clean and pristine, with smooth lines and an air freshener?

Do you feel like your car expresses YOU well?

That may not be such a good thing.

According to recent studies, the more you identify with your car, the more likely you are aggressively drive it. “…individuals may view cars and the road space they occupy as their territory and will seek to maintain control over it and defend it as necessary." explained the study authors.

In addition to this, the study exposed a few more characteristics shared by aggressive drivers. Road ragers:

  • Are More Likely to Break the Law.
  • Have Compulsive Tendencies
  • Are More Possessive and Materialistic.
  • Are More Likely to Be Young Than Old.
  • Are More Likely to Be Men than Women.


Sound like you? We’d love to hear how you think your car reflects your personality!



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  • I'm not sure I agree on the men vs women point. Seen more aggressive women drivers lately!

  • Well, men do tend to be more aggressive than women on average, but I'm one of those exceptions when it comes to driving - and I do see my cars as sort of a reflection of myself , though I actually think I'm more attached to my beat up car than my nice white Escape.

    It's a silver Grand Marquis with both sides of the front bumper smashed in and the right side mirror knocked off and taped with clear duck tape. I let it get pretty messy, but I still love it. It's big and comfy inside and I've decorated my dash with a little animal skull a friend found in the center and turkey feathers I've found on either side of it. PLUS - it may not be the prettiest thing - but it can move fast! :)

  • Animal skull and turkey feathers? Have you considered throwing jack-o-lanterns at people as you run them off the road?

  • hahaha I can see how people would see it like that, but to me, it's more mysterious, earthy and beautiful than scary or spooky. :)

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