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November 15, 2012 at 1:58 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

The Best of Id and Ego

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This Author

Hello and welcome back, psychology nerds, to my final blog in the Id and Ego series!

As those of you who had been following me will have noticed – I’ve been gone for awhile now. I got too busy with other projects to focus on my fun writing. Now, since my schedule has once again opened up (YAY!) and I can finally focus on blogging again, I’ve decided it’s time for a real fresh start.

Hopefully, when I make the leap over to my new series, Mindfull, next week, you’ll all follow me there, but before I go, I thought Id and Ego deserved a final nod. We covered a lot of ground in the series, but I have to admit some blogs were just a little bit better than the rest. In honor of the year it stood (started Nov 16, 2011) here’s the best of Id and Ego. Check these out if you haven’t yet or enjoy them again for old time’s sake!

Getting to Know You: The 15 Best Questions to Really Get to Know Someone

This one was inspired by a personal treasure from my teen years – a notebook filled with interviews I collected from both friends and strangers. (Yeah… I was kind of a weird kid.) I shared my 15 favorite getting-to-know-you questions, and discussed what the answers to those questions might reveal. They’re a great way to kill awkward silences or to start a conversation. What can I say? People love being asked to talk about themselves!


The Seven Deadly Facebook Sins

I’ll admit it – I’ve been guilty of several of these on occasion, but I think we all have a least a few chronic offenders among our Facebook friends. You see them doing these things and you just want to shake them. “You’re making people not like you! This isn’t the way to get attention!” Unfortunately, saying that to them, even subtly with the best of intentions, can put you on dangerous grounds. If you’re not close enough with your Facebook buddy to actually tell them they’re repelling people, maybe share this on Facebook, invite everyone to read it, and let them come to their own conclusions. Or if you’re worried you may be that obnoxious friend – check this out and see for sure. ;)


The Psychology of Fatherhood

Though I wrote the blog with Father’s Day in mind, the information I found writing it is fascinating in its own right. For example, did you realize men actually go through physical changes when they’re expecting a little one? Or just how dramatically a father’s involvement can affect their child’s development? I was surprised to find it’s not just a “parent” thing. Fathers have specific traits they tend to influence more strongly than mothers in their children. Puts your own father’s influence into unique perspective!


The Six Keys to an Unforgettable Movie Quote

As a psychology nerd and big movie fan, I was geeked to find study that gave me an excuse to write about both! Apparently, there’s a reason why certain movie lines like “I’ll be back.” and “Here’s looking at you, kid.” are remembered for decades – and the rest are forgotten. Six reasons to be exact. Since writing it, I’ve had several people suggest using these tips to develop a catch-phrase or slogan. Makes sense to me!


Science Shows: The Bonds We Build With TV Characters are Very Much Real

Living out in the country, it’s actually impossible for us to get cable so instead we find a TV show we want to get into, get all the seasons on DVD, and we let that be our sole-source of TV entertainment until we run out of episodes. As you might imagine, seeing the same show day after day, sometimes for a month span, can have a big impact. It can also lead to some big disappointments when the show’s finally over. Having just finished up the first season of Game of Thrones at the time, I was sad - and also intrigued by feeling sad. It occurred to me that I missed seeing these characters every day almost as I would miss a friend that moved away, and I felt a little silly. Turns out though, what I felt is actually quite common. In fact, there’s actually a scientific explanation for it - they’re called “parasocial relationships” and they can actually be good for us!


The Top 10 Most Awkward Places to Be

As someone that comes from a socially awkward family, and is herself, socially awkward, this is a subject near and dear to my weird, anti-social heart. However, I think the list of places I compiled is one even the biggest social butterflies feel out of place in.  Check it out for yourself thoughand let me know how I did. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I think it shows.


Thank you all again! If you’ve enjoyed what you read here on Id and Ego, never fear!  Follow me in my new series Mindfull for more psychology and weird mind science jems! ;D

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  • What a great curtain call! I really enjoyed the series, Erin, and I plan on following Mindfull as religiously as I did Id and Ego!

  • I enjoyed all of your blogs very much, I am sad to see your "series" go.

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