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How to Motivate Yourself to Meditate

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There are many benefits of meditation, from reducing stress and anxiety, to improving your focus and helping you fight any addictions you may have.However, not all of these benefits kick in straight away. It takes some time and practice to relax and meditate properly. For some people this is a problem, since they get discouraged by this lack of instant benefits. Some of them also find the whole process of meditating complicated and they give up without investing enough time or effort in it. What all these people need is some motivation, so here are some great ways to find it and enjoy all the perks of meditation sooner than you expect.

Put it into your schedule

One of the most frequent reasons for quitting meditation that people mention is the lack of time. However, more often than not, this is just a matter of organization and can be solved if you simply put meditation time into your schedule and then stick to it. This way you can sit down at the beginning of your week, put all your tasks, appointments, activities and obligations on paper (or any sort of screen) and find the perfect time to meditate. Once you do this, you wont be able to say that meditation is preventing you from doing anything else, since everything will have its time and place.

Write down all the benefits of meditation

Making a physical list of all the wonderful benefits you can gain from frequently practicing meditation and the mindfulness that accompanies it can help. Once you are able to visualize these benefits, youll probably be more motivated to achieve them. Furthermore, some of them may be noticeable sooner than others, and when you start feeling them one after another, youll surely be more encouraged to keep meditating.

Create a nice meditation space

One thing that can be a strong motivator is a nice space dedicated solely to meditation. This should be a comfortable corner in one of your rooms, where you can put some soft cushions for sitting and decorate it in any way that makes you feel relaxed enough to meditate. When you create a space like this, just seeing it may attract you towards meditating, and if you repeatedly practice meditation in that exact place, whenever you see it, your mind might automatically wonder directly into that meditative state you once found hard to reach.

Make it enjoyable to all your senses

Meditation isnt something you are forced to do. It shouldnt be perceived as an obligation, but rather as something you want and like to do. So, by allowing all your senses to revel in it, you might be more motivated to practice it. With the above-mentioned cushions, your sense of touch will be covered, as will your sense of sight once you decorate your meditation corner. To satisfy your sense of smell, make sure you have some soy wax scented candle supplies, whose subtle fragrance will always get you into the meditative mood. Also, choose some gentle and soothing music to feel even more comfortable and calm while meditating.

Remove distractions

Anything you do is harder when you get distracted by the things around you. This is especially true for meditation, which relies on you to be mindful, concentrated and serene in order for the whole process to work. So, make sure that the place you choose for meditation isnt surrounded by TV or computer screens and that you switch all your devices off while meditating. If the traffic under your windows is noisy or anything else from the outside is bothering you, close the windows and practice meditation in peace and quiet to be more motivated.

Find some company

One great thing about meditation is that it can be a solo activity, but also a group one if you choose so. So, if meditating on your own isnt working out for you, perhaps the solution is to seek a community of people who share this interest of yours and you can all meditate together. Finding such a group or community might make you less inclined to quit, since you know that people are expecting you and that they understand any issues you may come across while trying to meditate. Plus, if they have a set time to meet two or three times a week, itll make it easier to put that time down in your schedule as regular meditation time. Having support can make anything easier, including meditation.

Making a commitment to be mindful and to meditate is actually making a commitment to yourself and your own wellbeing. So, if you are serious about wanting to meditate on a regular basis, find what motivates you and enjoy everything you gain from meditation.

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