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5 Reasons to Introduce a Wellness Program to Your Office — an article on the Smart Living Network
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5 Reasons to Introduce a Wellness Program to Your Office


Invested employees are the people that bring success to a company. Some suggest that its difficult to come upon motivated workers, but theyre often proved wrong. In recent years, the impact of wellness programs has become recognized, as healthy workers bring the best results. Introducing yoga sessions, providing transportation in terms of a bike-sharing program, or even creating a nap room are all great ways to help your employees. Theres quite a variety of ways to improve health at work, and there are just as many reasons why wellness programs are beneficial to every company.

Healthcare Costs

Year in and year out, healthcare costs are rising. Its apparent how big of a burden this is becoming for employers, especially for the people who run smaller businesses. One solution is to pass part of the healthcare expenses onto employees, which, in reality, wont help a company last. After all, every manager should provide the proper conditions for all of his colleagues. The proper way to handle this type of problem is through proper precautions.

By increasing the overall satisfaction and health of employees, wellness programs succeed in reducing expenses. This effect brings profit which becomes more noticeable over time. This only proves that starting such a project will help a company prosper, and is something that keeps businesses afloat.

Worker Productivity

As our health improves, so does our motivation. Employers who have implemented these types of programs report increased engagement and productivity from their colleagues. Health and fitness are correlated to happiness, so it isnt such a big mystery of how wellness programs influence work ethics. Furthermore, workers will be happy to hear about the improvement in their productivity. This is where the cycle of hard work and fulfilment begins, and it wont be difficult to keep up the tempo. Also, when people are satisfied with their jobs theres no reason to take a few days off. Absenteeism has become a problem, as workers take days off without a proper reason simply because of the stress that builds up.

Simple Solutions for Simple Problems

A benefit of wellness programs is that theyre simple solutions to the aforementioned problem of absenteeism, as well as many others. On the one hand, creating a gym or a nap room means dedicating space which not every company can afford. On the other, there are methods that dont eat up as much space or funds. Step-by-step improvements are a safe and certain way of achieving the end-goal.

A bike-sharing program will keep employees out of their cars, and add a bit of exercise into their routine. Another common problem at the office is the countless hours spent seated at a desk. Quality lift chairs, for instance, can help workers relax after spending time at their computer. Getting a few massage chairs for your workplace will have your employees looking forward to a break.

It is important to understand that most problems regarding health arent surprising, as its a long and cumulative process. If youre forced to spend a lot of time seated at work, avoid doing the same at home; take a walk or exercise. When a person is under stress day after day, their productivity drops significantly. Simple problems stack up, and this truly is sad because health issues can easily be prevented.

Retention and Recruiting

Firstly, people who are already involved are more likely to stay with a company that provides for their needs. Businesses that include wellness programs report increased retention of workers. After all, these types of programs are a way of telling your team that you want them to be happy. As an employer, part of the job is to make the team feel appreciated. Healthy working conditions will make personnel loyal and are sure to keep them around for a long time.

Secondly, recruiting will become easier than before. Enjoyable and humane work conditions are highly sought after these days. Top candidates, people who are dedicated to their work and know their worth, are sure to recognize investments such as a wellness program. An employer who cares for the health of his colleagues? A dream come true, as it instantly becomes clear that the company is sure to prosper.

Outbound Effects

Health issues are becoming more and more common. They can easily be prevented, but people find it difficult to take the initiative. However, once a company and its employees pick up a healthy habit and notice the benefits, others may soon follow. First and foremost, workers will share the effect such a change has had on their health. We all want to avoid headaches, back issues, and any other type of pain as much as we can. A good reason to take up a wellness program is the influence youll have on your surroundings and the people that are close to you.

Most employers see the well-being of their personnel as a top priority. There are many ways in which a work environment can be changed for the better, and there are many reasons to do so. Apart from having an immense effect on overall health, wellness programs will bring profit to a company, especially over a longer period.

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