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Natural Relief for PMS - Herbal Supplements and Natural Relief for PMS

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It is estimated that over 85% of women suffer from a combination of physical and emotional symptoms caused by premenstrual syndrome. These premenstrual symptoms typically occur between one to two weeks before menstruation. While there is no cure for premenstrual syndrome, there are several lifestyle and dietary changes that you can make to naturally relieve some of the signs and symptoms.

Eat Healthy Foods

There are usually certain foods that can be associated with increased symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. These foods are typically based on the individual, but are most commonly linked to refined sugars, caffeine, and sodium. Excessive intake of these substances can cause increased symptoms. It is recommended that a healthy variety of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables be consumed. Eating these foods also provides nutritional values necessary, including vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Studies have also shown that increased calcium intake is also correlated with decreased symptoms.

Schedule Meals

A schedule of meals is commonly helpful for decreasing symptoms. Additionally, it is also recommended that several smaller meals be eaten throughout the day. Eating smaller more frequent meals will increase the sensation of fullness and decrease bloating.


Sleep is essential! Your body requires sleep in order to function correctly. Sleeping is important for memory formation and concentration. Tissue repair also commonly occurs at night. It has also been scientifically proven that lack of sleep can affect hormone levels. The majority of symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome are linked to hormonal imbalances.

Limit Stress

Stress is not a cause of premenstrual syndrome, but it is a major contributor to certain signs and symptoms. Find ways to limit and cope with your stress.

Physical Activity

Regular exercise has been shown to decrease overall signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. In addition to decreasing these symptoms, regular physical activity is also associated with heart and lung health, decreasing risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. Exercises is cause for tension relief, pain relief, and certain mood related symptoms.

Record Your Symptoms

It is recommended that a premenstrual journal be kept. In this journal, you should record any lifestyle changes and any home treatment measures taken for treatment of premenstrual syndrome. You should also note changes in symptoms and it is typically good to write your feelings. This will create a record of symptoms and should create certain patterns that can be used to determine the best overall natural treatment methods for decreasing your premenstrual symptoms.

Herbal Supplementation

There are certain supplements available to aid in the natural treatment of certain side effects associated with premenstrual symptoms. There are certain herbs that have been utilized for hundreds of years and many vitamins and minerals that have been linked as important to premenstrual syndrome. The addition of a supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle can ensure that all essential nutrients have been obtained. Keep in mind that supplements are meant to be used as an additive to healthy diets and lifestyles, not to correct an improper lifestyle or diet.


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