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Herbal Remedies & Treatments For PMS Relief

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PMS is one of those aspects of being female that we all must deal with.While some women experience almost no symptoms whatsoever, there are women who find themselves incapacitated during the onset of every period.Other women experience mild period symptoms, but severe emotional forms of PMS.Doctors are beginning to note a form of PSM called PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric dysfunction, where emotional symptoms are so severe they can interfere with daily life, including work and relationships.

Whatever the case may be, PMS is for many women a serious interference in their daily life.Before turning to those caffeine-loaded PSM pills, consider natural PMS remedies that have been used for centuries.

  • Uva Ursi: This plant can be used externally as an astringent and antiseptic.When taken internally, it's known to reduce symptoms of bloating and dysmenorrhea, or painful cramping, due to menstruation.
  • Valerian: Valerian relaxes the central nervous system and has been used mostly as a sleep aid, especially for those wanting to avoid prescription medications that can cause dependency.It has many uses for PMS symptoms.It's known to ease muscle pains, cramping and digestion.It's also used to combat stress, depression, irritability and sleeplessness.
  • Evening Primrose: This plant is the most commonly recommended natural remedy for PMS relief.It is widely used to ease symptoms including bloating, irritability, depression and breast tenderness.When taken regularly, it may help to regulate periods.
  • St. John's Wort: This plant is another all-around useful medicinal plant.Use St. John's Wort for fatigue, depression, irritability, insomnia, as a digestive aid, and to reduce bloating.Applied externally it can ease back pain.
  • Chaste Tree Berry: This is another common herb used to treat PMS.It's known to regulate irregular periods and to relieve such symptoms as bloating, breast tenderness and to stabilize moods.
  • Black Cohosh: This plant has many uses for women, both during menstrual periods and menopause.For your period, use black cohosh to ease depression and headaches, as well as irritability and mood swings.

It's always important to understand the herb you are using, and to be sure it will not interfere with other medications you may be taking.Herbs can interfere with other herbs and with prescription medication.If you are taking medication for heart disease, AIDs or HIV or any other serious illnesses, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning an herbal treatment.Likewise, if you are pregnant there are some herbs you should avoid.Be sure to consume only the recommended dose as you can overdose on herbs.

That said, herbs are a great way to reduce and alleviate a wide variety of symptoms.They can be taken orally, in the form of a capsule or tea or applied externally as a cream, oil or compress.The scent of herbs has even been known to alleviate symptoms, such as using mint for nausea.

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