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Hello. I believe that my 13 yr. old male cat is suffering with hip (arthritic) pain. He is hiding and unable to jump & has cried out in pain.

I have taken him to the Vet previously with this, and the Vet prescribed the ANSAID Metcam. I was horrified to read stories on the Internet re: this med & that cats may suffer with kidney failure as a result. I only gave my cat one pill and stopped when I read the information online. I live in Canada, and it isn't even approved for cat usage here. I definitely let my Vet know I disapproved, and he just gave me some other pills (which I didn't give). I have lost trust.

I need to know what is in your Arthro-IonX. I tried to click on the "ingredients" icon but it would not work for me.

Please, can you email me the details. I want to help my "best friend" but I do not want to do anything to further harm my suffering cat.

Thank you! Marion

Smartliving Guest asked this
August 28, 2011 at 10:27 PM



Dear Marion,

Arthro-IonX is a safe alternative to NSAIDS but can also be safely used in conjunction with other medications because it is homeopathic in nature and does not negatively interact with other physical substances. Homeopathy is generally safe because the original herbal tinctures are diluted and succussed between dilutions so that eventually they do not contain the molecules of the original tincture but is left with the energetic signature. For your cat I would start with 10 drops on a little canned food twice daily. This is an easy way to give and you will know that it is being consumed.

Included is the homeopathic ingredient listing for Arthro-IonX as you requested:

Active Homeopathic Ingredients: Official HPUS*
Actea Spicata, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Arnica Montana, Bellis Perennis, Bryonia Alba, Calcarea Carbonia, Calcarea Fluorica, Causticum, Cimicifuga Racemosa, Formicum Acidum, Hypericum Perforatum, Ledum Palustre, Magnesia Phosphorica, Phytolacca Decandra, Pulsatilla, Rhododendron Chrysanthum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Ruta Graveolens, Salicylicum Acidum, Sepia, Sulphur, Symphytum Officinale.
Prepared at 10X, 20X and 30X dilutions
*Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States

Organic Oligotherapeutic Water Base
Arthro-IonX contains a proprietary, non-alcoholic, non-active oligotherapeutic water base of 74+ organic, ionic trace minerals. This lends superior delivery of active homeopathic ingredients (most other homeopathic formulations are prepared with alcohol, and are irritating to the body) and helps to quickly increase cell vitality and overall health.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Best regards,
Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
August 30, 2011 at 12:51 PM
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