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Zoe is getting older and two things have occurred. 1. She has experienced hair loss around her neck (almost completely bald) and a little around her shoulder blades and at the flank of her legs (We have done blood test recently at the end of August and she is fine with her thyroid and her levels etc.) She shows no signs with Thyroid or Cushing’s disease. The vet thinks we should sedate her and do a skin biopsy where she is showing hair loss. I really do not want to put Zoe through any more trauma than is needed. My vet thinks that holistic medicine is “hooey” and I personally am an avid study for holistic care for myself and my animals. I believe that the body can heal itself. I also believe in getting to the root of the problem and not masking problems or creating other problems. I M BEGGING you for your assistance in regards to this matter since you are a vet as well. I would love to have your guidance. Is there any statistical proof for Derma-IonX and how it helps the body recover with skin and hair loss? I just feel like I have tried everything I can think of and feel like I am hitting my head against a wall. I can give you a copy of her blood work as well. I am just looking for more than one approach to my baby healing. Even if you can recommend a vet here that you have worked with in Los Angeles that may be a better source for getting to the root of the issue would be great too. I am open.

Thank you,

Smartliving Guest asked this
September 10, 2010 at 8:29 AM



Dear Jenifer,

I would suggest that you give Zoe Derma-IonX to help stimulate hair re-growth. The oligotherapeutic mineral bases in the iONX products aid the enzyme systems in the body to enable healing. The homeopathic ingredients address the more common skin and hair complaints so if it is a correct match you should see improvements. Sometimes other areas of the body improve as well because a homeopathic remedy helps to restore balance to multiple areas of the body at one time. In addition I recommend some other supplements; probiotics, MSM, and fish oil. Together with Derma-IonX there is a synergistic response. The nice thing about homeopathy is that you can get a positive response without a diagnosis; one only needs a correct match of remedy to symptoms. Because it is an individualized therapy it is hard to provide statistical data. We have had many other testimonials about pets that had tried everything and finally got the results they desired from using the iONX products.

Please let us know how you do and we can help you along the way as you report back about the changes that you see.

Best wishes,
Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
September 13, 2010 at 8:29 AM
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