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I have 2-8 yr old bichon I took them to be groomed at a new place they did a poor job missed several areas, toe nails not trimmed ear hair not removed. A few days later I discovered one Annie, then Abbie was scratching constantly and had developed a couple of hot spots. Then Annie too was itching with hot spots and bald areas after several visits to different vets and antibiotics and steroids. The problem stops and then starts again with both of them with bald areas and skin that is now black. I have had them on Purina for sensitive skin and stomachs. Annie used to vomit clear and yellow liquid. This stopped with this diet. I added another food that was trout and lentils. I just stopped that food thinking their new skin problems could be caused by this addition. I checked the dates and initially this started right after they were groomed. What could have caused this I have been taking them to be groomed all their lives except when I groom them at home. They live in Florida so they are on advantage year round also heartguard 3 weeks ago I did take them in for their annual rabies and other routine parvo combo shot. What should I do? Annie is just finishing another round of abt.amoxicillin 150 mg twice a day.

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April 15, 2017 at 1:07 PM


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