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I have a 6 month old pup that is constantly itching. We feed him Natural Balance dog food and I make homemade chicken giblets/livers with rice that I cook and add to his food. He is very itchy and biting at his skin. Vet suggested adult size pill of fish oil that we have been giving him for a few months now. Then we stopped the homemade chicken/rice additive and added some canned salmon hoping the extra fish would help. He is still very itching. The vet said it can take several months of making changes in food, but I was hoping there might be some sort of blood test that might reveal what the problem is since we have tried so many variations. I have read about something called "walking dandruff" in dogs in an article on line. Is there a blood test for that? The article did not refer to resource for checking this. Is there some other resource we can go to and get some more information? We don't bath him often as he does not seem need it but do use a mild shampoo when bathing. Have had a groomer do the same using an oatmeal bath. Nothing seems to help. Any information you can provide would be most appreciative. I was really hoping that there might be some blood test that would reveal the source. I was also wondering if there are vets that specialize in dermatology. If so, how would I search for that type of specialist? He is on Advantax for fleas every month, and we always check his skin for parasites. Never see anything on him. Every site I go to seems to want to sell you one of their products. I just want to find out how to get to the bottom of the issue as the puppy has been having this itching problem for at least the last 3 months. Any information you can provide would really be appreciated.
thank you, Barb Keating

Smartliving Guest asked this
June 10, 2017 at 9:26 AM



What proteins are in your food? Diet can also influence the skin. Sometimes the flavor even makes a difference. Please read the label to check what proteins are in your food. When there are skin problems I usually choose a grain free food. If your dog is warm and seeks cool places then I would choose cooling proteins such as fish or turkey as the protein source according to Chinese food therapy. If your dog seeks warm places then chicken, lamb, or venison might be better. Beef is neutral. If your dog is allergic to a protein do not use it. Any food changes need to be phased in gradually, starting with a little new food added to the previous food. The water you give should be filtered if it contains chlorine. Chlorine is not good for the intestinal flora.

    Walking dandruff is caused by mites.  Your veterinarian would diagnosis it by placing a sample under a microscope. There are veterinary dermatologists tht your veterinarian can refer you to if necessary.  It seems more likely your dog has allergies.  The immune system can become imbalanced after vaccinations and  can affect the skin. 

    DERMA-IONX  has been helpful for a variety of different skin conditions.    DERMA-IONX is an oral homeopathic product which stimulates the enzyme systems  in  the  body that aid the  skin and helps with  assimilation of nutritional components in diet and supplements.   What sets it apart from most  homeopathics is that it is in an oligotherapeutic mineral base which has had a charge added to it.

   Initially  I would give a half dose of  DERMA-IONX on the breakfast and  supper food.  After there are signs of  improvement  you can give a whole dose once a day.   I would also give  PROBIOTICS  to aid  digestion and the immune system.  OMEGA 3,6,9  can reduce inflammation and help the skin and coat.   

    You can brush the coat daily to help  remove the dandruff.  If you are up to bathing your dog you could use DEFENDEX shampoo which is soothing  and  cleansing for the skin.   Please keep us updated so we can help guide you. 
Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
June 11, 2017 at 12:00 AM
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