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Hi, I have 2 Shih-Tzus, Jacoby and Lucy, brother and sister. They have allergies and in May, I put them on a beef diet-Natural Balance with Limited Ingred. as you suggested (and my Vet) to eliminate chicken and lamb products. Also, I gave them Derma and Probiotics from you. They were doing fine, till the beginning of August, when Jacoby started to scratch, lick and gnaw, which he has sores and scabs now. I took him to our Vet on 8-18-16, for this and their yearly check-up. He said it was the beef diet and changed them to Royal Canin Venison food. The first 3 days they ate the new food, but now he doesn't want to eat. He is a little better, we are not up all night, but continues with the symptoms. His breathing at times is short and fast. He seems warm to me. I have them on Advantix II (last on 7-26-16). He continues not to want to go out for walks, which he usually was the first to go out the door. They like being outdoors with me but not now. I called the Vet on Saturday, but not in till today. I called today and no openings till Thursday, unless I come in as an emergency visit and pay more. I asked to leave a message for the Dr. and was told that he would have to see the dog as this is a new symptom. I told her that I was just there a few days ago for the same problems. I don't know what to do! Sunday his left eye was watery, in the morning his eye had white globs on it and last night his eye was reddish on the skin. the redness is gone today but it doesn't seem normal to me. In the meantime, I was wondering did I get a defective bag of beef dog food, or, did he get a bite of something outside, to make him change so fast. His sister is fine. I Need Help! Also, is there an Holistic Vet in my area, Northwestern Massachusetts?

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August 23, 2016 at 3:29 PM


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