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I have a small poodle/terrier mix and he's 5. I recently got a 6 week old puppy and they played and played. However, the new puppy is going to be big, black-mouth cur, and once the puppy, Caleb was 3 months old, the tug of war was way out of Benny's league. He sustained a neck injury and I'm not in a position to step onto the full analysis procedure at our local vet. I'm pretty sure it's a strain because he seems to recover and then does too much and he's right back where he was; head held low and cries if you try to do anything. I know I have to keep him quieter somehow, I'm working on that. The terrier part of him is very difficult to keep still. Wondering if you think the promo cal? Can't remember spelling, would be appropriate. I gave him some car proven that I had, but the problem was then he'd feel fine and tweet his neck again. Muscles in his neck are in visible spasm.

Smartliving Guest asked this
August 8, 2017 at 8:12 PM


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