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My dog has had intense itching for 2 months. Vet put him on itch pills and antibiotic. I believe he then went into yeast infection on the skin as that is what he smelled like. He was on BARF World raw food for 5 years then just one day the itching started. Stop the food thinking maybe the alfalfa was the culprit. Made raw hamburger and hard boiled egg diet from the Dinovite web site. Ordered Dinovite gave a few days and itching intensified. Alfalfa in it. Stop Dinovite. I am adding Mercola probiotics and digestive enzymes to his food. I have salmon oil that I am adding. Now his coat smells like a cow. Could he be allergic to beef? The vet is really no help as I prefer a holistic course of action but I am drained and do not know what to try next? Should I put him on raw turkey only. I also added Mazotrace dog formula but it has torula yeast, is this bad? I do not know what to feed him, give him as supplements, and put on his skin. There are no raw sores now as they have healed up just the intense itching. Would Derma-IONX help? I have bought so much without anything really making the itch go away. He is a 13 pound mixed breed of yorkie, boston terrier, maybe beagle, and dashscund. He is 11 years old and one thing I noticed is that his eyes have stopped running completely. Thanks for your time and help! Teresa

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January 26, 2017 at 11:40 AM


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