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I have a 11 yr old Australian Shepherd (who is a little over over weight & she is now on Purina One healthy weight now ) who has trouble getting up and walking and my Vet put her on Tramadol 1x a day and Rimadyl 75 mg a day. She chews(when I 'm not looking) on one front (ankle) joint and one rear ankle joint to the point of callused over and no hair now and she limps - I also give her NutriVet hip & Joint Level 2 everyday according to directions. She is finally getting some what better after almost a month now (on meds)- she has been on the Nutri Vet for over a yr but not the higher level. Is your product Arthro-ionx something I should think about using maybe instead of the Nutri Vet and maybe a possibility of her weaning off the Rx meds at some point?

I also have a mini aussie that will be 5 yrs old in Feb that was just xrayed and diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia - She has had 3 litters of pups and 2 pup total had HD out of her last 2 litters , So I am no longer breeding..she was just started on the Nutri Vet Level 2 and put on weight control dog food too- I would like to know if your product would be good for her and if this is something I should be giving my younger aussies - I have a 8 mth old toy aussie that was just xrayed last month and she has one hip that has a problem the other looks good..can she have this product?

after 20 yrs of raising aussies and no health problems until now I am at a loss!!

thank you for your time and patience

I have a total of 9 aussies ages 8 mths to 14 years old...

Smartliving Guest asked this
October 2, 2011 at 4:22 PM



You may use Arthro-IonX along with other medications or supplements. It is homeopathic in nature, so it will not negatively interact with other physical substances. Arthro-IonX helps to decrease pain and inflammation and stimulate healing. In addition, I find it helpful to follow a holistic approach by giving some nutritional supplements to accompany Arthro-IonX. The supplements I recommend are digestive enzymes with meals, MSM, probiotics, vitamin C, and fish oil. Arthro-IonX will help the body to better utilize the nutrition for a synergistic response. I would switch to grain-free diet or one that does not contain any grains that could possibly be GMO (genetically modified). I would also make sure that you avoid chlorinated water for drinking and bathing.

As you see improvement, try to decrease the meds, but continue with the NutriVet while still maintaining a good comfort level. Any of the dogs with a hip problem should see a veterinary chiropractor. Sometimes helping the hip contact the socket better can make a big difference. Also, veterinary acupuncture can be beneficial. Please let us know how you do or if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,
Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
October 3, 2011 at 9:48 PM
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