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I have 2 miniature schnauzers both female age 9 and 6 yrs. I feed twice a day 1/4 cup royal Canin miniature Schnauzer kibble in the am with a bit of oil and use a bubbling fountain for their bottled water. Occasionally they recieve treats, mainly duck and are both healthy but we had an incident with pancreatitis with the eldest one shortly after the adoption 3.5 yrs ago. Is there anything we can do to prevent issues such as the previous one also diabetes and Schnauzer bumps? We have been asked to take in another 6 yr old male but he has diabetes and is going blind. I am concerned we need to be proactive in their care to prevent suffering and large vet expenses.

Smartliving Guest asked this
December 11, 2016 at 6:41 PM



I would use DIA-IONX to support the Pancreas. I would give a dose once a day on one of the meals. If you take in the new diabetic dog I would start by splitting the dose and giving a half dose twice daily on the breakfast and supper food. Everyone would benefit from PROBIOTICS and OMEGA 3,6,9 to improve digestion and decrease inflammation. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
December 11, 2016 at 12:00 AM
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