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My 17-year-old cat Sonny, who weighs only 5 lb, is in final stage arthritis in his left hip. The femur head and hip socket are almost totally eaten away. Just purchased your Arthro-IonX. Since Sonny is only 5 lbs would it be advisable to lower the recommended 1/2 tsp daily for 0 - 30 lb? The vet gave me Metacam to administer just 1 drop every 3 days to help with Sonny's pain. So far no side effects, but I am aware that prolonged use can cause systemic problems. That is why I want to try the Arthro-IonX.

Smartliving Guest asked this
May 7, 2015 at 5:41 PM



Dear Alice,

I would lower the dose. I would start with 5 drops twice daily. After a few days you can increase it to 6 drops twice a day. Gradually work up to 10 drops twice daily or if you are getting a positive change you can stay at the lower dose. If the stool starts to get softer decrease to the previous dose.

Please keep us updated so we can help guide you.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
May 8, 2015 at 10:44 AM
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