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Good morning. My 1 year old lab has had issues with food since we got her. I believe we finally got it under control when we switched to Merrick. No more diareha, pooping 1-2 times a day instead of 5-6, itching better, hair not falling out and bald spots on one flank and each side of tail base gone.

Now 3 months later, the one spot left was getting better but suddenly it has gotten worse. She is itching alot more and now has a small spot on other flank and two small spots on her tail base where the hair is very thin.

I believe it is an allergy but not to food. We own another home where she tends to wander and get into trees and grasses not at our regular home. I notice she sneezes more when we are there. One of the reasons I think it is a outdoor allergy instead of the food.

Her hair is still very shiny. She seems fine - not like before. Her bathroom habits have not changed. Her eating is good - in fact she no longer gobbles her food down like she used to. Her energy is 1000%! LOL

The only other thing I have noticed is that her ears are dirty more. It used to be just one ear but now it is both. I clean them out and she is fine. Not sure if this is related.

I've read all of the product info and would like to try it out but have concerns. It is pricey so want to make sure I buy the right stuff.

What do you suggest for a trial period? She is a good dog who has battled severe anxiety (would not sleep at night) and food issues. Now to have this makes me feel bad.

Please realize I am not going to spend a crazy amount of money for something I do not know if it will work.


Smartliving Guest asked this
August 8, 2016 at 10:23 AM



DERMA-IONX can be helpful for allergies. (Skin, ears, and anal glands respond to allergies.) DERMA-IONX is an oral homeopathic product which stimulates the enzyme systems in the body that aid the skin and helps with assimilation of nutritional components in diet and supplements. What sets it apart from most homeopathics is that it is in an oligotherapeutic mineral base which has had a charge added to it.

   Initially  I would give a half dose of  DERMA-IONX on the breakfast and  supper food.  After there are signs of  improvement  you can give a whole  dose once a day.  I would also give  Probiotics  to aid  digestion.  OMEGA 3,6,9 given orally  decreases  inflammation.  Vitamin C and quercetin can have an  antihistamine effect.  

  The water you give should be filtered if it contains chlorine.  Chlorine is not good for the intestinal flora.  Diet can also influence the body.   Sometimes the flavor even makes a difference. Please read the label to check what proteins are in the Merrick food.   When there are allergies I usually choose a grain free  food  that uses fish or turkey as the protein since these are considered to be cooling for too much internal heat  according to Chinese food therapy. Beef is neutral.   Chicken, lamb, and venison are warming and so I avoid these especially in the summer.    If your dog is allergic to a protein do not use it even it has the correct thermal property.  I tend to use cooling or neutral foods during the summer and warming foods during the cold months for my healthy pets.  

   Though your dog probably has an inhalent allergy periodically check the skin and coat using a flea comb. You will be looking for any dark specks which are flea debris.   Only one flea bite can start the allergy process.  

  You might want to contact Customer Service to ask  about the most economical way to get the products you need and the details  of the return policy.   We want your dog to feel her best as quickly as possible.   Using a multifacted approach to address the whole body will help you with this goal.  You are trying to rebuild  the immune system.  Though she is young this has turned into a chronic condition.  Sometimes other things such as meds, vaccinations, and topical  products can have an impact on the body. 
Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
August 9, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Thank you Dr. Wilson -

She is on sweet potatoes and turkey grain free Merrick. The pet supply store said it was the least upsetting on digestive tracks. Her stool seems good.

When you say 1/2 dose - what is a dose. Are there instructions for that? Is it according to weight?

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
August 9, 2016 at 12:00 AM

You made a good selection in food.

    The DERMA-IONX label states the amount to give based upon body weight.  If your dog weighs between 30-90 pounds the dose is 3/4 teaspoon daily or more in severe cases.  

In your case I would start with a half teaspoon twice per day and after improvement is seen then I would decrease to 3/4 teaspoon once a day on one of the meals.

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
August 10, 2016 at 12:00 AM
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