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hi dr. char. i emailed you a couple weeks ago about happy or diabetic dog. i purchased some dia ionx. on 8/12/17 we stared using dia ionx fasting bg was 420, on 8/15/17 it was 335 fasting 2 days later it was back up to 379fasting and is staying between 350 and 400 which is were it has been since he contacted diabetes this past feb 2017. he is not on insulin, being treated homeopathic and with standard process supplements.he has lost a lot of weight from 18 lbs in feb to between 9.8 10.2 lbs on our home scale. it varies a little each day either up or down in the range. he has lost his vision, always wants to eat , and pees a lot when he goes but does not have accidents overnight anymore. other than being very thin and the above he seems pretty normal .my question is this even though we don't want to start insulin and stick with homeopathic if we did go the insulin route is he likely to gain weight? we would really like to put about 4-5 lbs on him . he is on a cooked diet of chicken quinoa and veggies we just started using a little coconut oil with it. we feed him a little 5 times a day instead of twice. has no keytones in urine . he does have a local vet or 2 but would really like an opinion of someone not as close to us. we will not hold you responsible in any way trying to get as much education on this as possible . we do test his blood with the advocate pet test meter not a human one about 2 times a wk. fasting. your input would be a great help . thank you norman

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August 28, 2017 at 11:12 AM


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