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Dr. Char...we have been using Arthro-Ionx for our Yorkie, Khloe for the past several years. Recently (several months ago), I purchased Promaxol and have added it to her daily regimen for her arthritis, since her pain seemed to become worse in her legs and neck. For the past several months, Khloe has been waking us up SEVERAL times per night (sometimes to go to the bathroom or drink water and other times, just to get us up). We don't know where to start to get her to stop this behavior. I am retired while my husband still works. I try to get her first so he doesn't have to get up with her...I take her into another part of the house and she barks and barks for my husband. This morning, she got me up at 4:30, so I took her outside to relieve herself, then once back inside I kept her gated so she couldn't go back to the bedroom. She barked for 1 1/2 hours until I took her back to the bedroom. It was almost time for my husband to get up, so after she jumped on him, he did get up with her. I can't believe that a little eight pound Yorkie is controlling our life (our fault, I know). Would like your thoughts on where to start. Possibly, is this from long-term effect of using the Arthro-Ionx and the Promaxol or just simply "manipulation". Thank you so much for your help, Dr. Char.

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September 16, 2016 at 4:02 PM


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