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I have a 8 year old Pomeranian who weigh's 3# 4oz. on 7-8-17 took her to our Vet because her tummy had scaly bad soars all over. Dr. Wendy said she had Hot Spots and put her on Clavamox Drops 15 ml and .5 twice daily until gone. Also, Vetericyn.VF Wound & Skin Care, apply to affected area 3-4 times a day until healed. We did give her 2 bath's with Oatmeal Shampoo during this time only on her tummy because the skin scales were sticking on her and making her very uncomfortable. I quit all her medications on July 14th everything was gone on her stomach and inner legs. Today 7-30-17 I noticed that her whole back is full of scaly patches that seem to have appeared overnight because I check her and she sits on my lap when even I sit down. Also about 2 years ago she started having small Seizures that I keep track of. Dr. Wendy did not want to put her on any Seizure Medication at this time so I called "Springtime" who makes natural vitamins etc. for Dogs, Horses & Humans because a Horse product they make has totally helped our Horse with Heaves, he has not had to get a Heaves shot for 2 years. They told me they don't have a product for Dog Seizures but that I should try their "Longevity" product, which is a powder. I have been using Longevity and it seems like her Seizures are less often because I do keep track of when & how long she has them. I change Dog Food (kibble) quite often because she does not chew any of her food. Right now she is eating Blue Buffalo, Healthy Holistic Life Protection Formula, Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe. It does have Whole Grains according to bag,, that I did not see when in Pet Store since I try to stay with "Grain-Free-Food". Wondering what you can advise me to do for her Seizures and also her Hot Spots?? Also I am thinking it may be a good idea to totally shave her down since she is so small and the Hot Spots are mostly covering her back area since she is so small???... I have had Dogs for 40 years and never had to deal with these problems before. I appreciate any help/advice you can give me. Dianne

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July 30, 2017 at 6:19 PM


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