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Hi, my boyfriend and I have adopted a ferral cat that we named Mittens. We adopted her as a kitten and she has just turned a year old. She is a black and white tuxedo, really cute but to this day she has not let us pet her nor does she purr or come to us. Every time we try to go to her while quietly talking to her she runs and hides. she also has a broken tail. you can see the end sticking out and we have no idea what happened to her since my boyfriend Charlie got her from his friend Kat who rescudes ferral cats and kittens. she used to cry as a baby but I have never heard her. I think she missed her family back then. She is really good and will not eat in our presence nor use the cat box while we're in the same room. We have let her have the use of the apt and she even looks out the window to see us off but runs as soon as she hears the door in the lock. She isn't even tempted by the smell of food cooking nor will she come out while we are eating. We have even bought her toys and we do know she plays with them but by herself. she always hisses and spits at us if we get too close but then runs and hides. she doesn't growl nor does she bite. My boyfriend is sad and disappointed and wants to get rid of her but I still want to give her a chance .I've been raised with cats and I had about nine cats in my life at one time or another. I want to take her to the vet so they can check her tail and maybe she needs a distemper shot. please help. I do not know what to do. Thank you, Bobbi Marini

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October 10, 2016 at 12:07 AM


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