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I have been caring for an older (13) male Labrador retriever since late August 2016, and he is due to go home mid-June, 2017. Because of the kind of neighborhood we live in, “Lucky” is NEVER allowed out to roam about at will. So if he had picked up anything along the side of the road I would have known about it. In his own home, there are numerous children who might easily have left appealing snacks within reach. If he got into a bag of candy, it would have been over eight months ago. This morning he came into my room, obviously agitated, needing to go out. It was about two hours earlier than he usually goes out. Before I could get dressed, I heard him retching in the living room. What came up was unbelievable—several plastic candy wrappers of something called Bulls Eye Caramel Creams. (No one in this household eats such things.) I cleaned up the mess, took him out, and figured that was the end of it. Not so! He vomited four times in all. The second round of vomiting was a vile and dark brown, mostly-liquid with small chunks of brown matter that smelled like poop. The last round yielded eight (8!) candy wrappers. I’m hoping he’s done, but so far today he has been ignoring his dog food. On his second outing, he passed what seemed a normal bowel movement, but also was ravenous for grass, which I let him eat. I expected him to vomit more, but he didn’t. Other than the grass, the only things he ate were a small handful of frozen green beans (a vet-recommended snack due to his gross overweight) and the chewable pain med (Rimadyl) he gets for his arthritis. I was searching the internet for articles about a dog’s digestive tract, and noticed that in many of the anatomy pictures it looked like the stomach sort of sagged downward in a pouch-like manner. Besides such a scenario allowing for the plastic wrappers to stay put for such a long time, Lucky also has a huge lipoma. Who knows how this dog’s innards might be rearranged or crowded because of this?!! I am hoping he has gotten the last of the candy wrappers up and out; if not, what is the danger of one creating blockage farther along the digestive route? (This dog has become very dear to me, and I almost don’t want him to go back home!) I would much appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Thanks! Vi Hartman

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April 23, 2017 at 4:13 PM


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