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I have 12 cats of varying ages (youngest is 5) and some with ailment. I have two dogs - a 15 year old German Shepherd and a 14 year old pug. The pug is a diabetic and the Shepherd has arthritis. At least one of the cats have arthritis (she is 15 years old) two are over weight - All of my animals can come in or out during the day, but sleep in the house at night. The cats have dry food available all day and they share 4 cans of cat meat a day. (1/3 each) I have been in terrible poverty for a couple of years and cannot afford vets - Except in extreme situations and except for the pug who is on insulin. He has had a few bad days of late and I want to try new products. Testing him is very hard for me... I have herd issues as the cats and dogs share the same water bowls. The dogs usually eat their own food, but not always. They love cat meat... One of my cats will throw up her food. The cats are fed mixed meat and non-grain dry food. We are thinking about taking the cats off canned meat and feeding them cooked turkey and chicken... Maybe tuna. I am trying to get them completely off the cheaper dry foods, but they prefer the ones with some grain.... So I mix them up in the bowls. The dogs get fresh chicken and turkey and some non-grain dog dry. Sometimes the only way to get them interested is to add cat meat. Which products of yours should I pick? Can the animals share the same products? It is nearly impossible to completely isolate food and especially water. I am especially concerned about the nutrition, the arthritis and the diabetic dog. I suspect the two overweight cats have some issues related to blood sugar as they obesity is not common with the rest of our cats. I have raised many many cats and rescued many of them. Also - The most annoying problem I have is one of our cats was not properly neutered. She goes in heat every month or two although she does not have her organs. We know she likely has a small remnant of the ovary. We had two cats with this problem and daily Niacin cured one. This cat has not been cured and we do not want to put her through the surgery again as the second surgeries are not that successful. Would any of your products help her? Poor thing, really thinks she is in heat and it disrupts the entire household. We treat all the animals - including the two horses with Niacin. We feel this has made a significant impact on the animals. Finally, we do not vaccinate the animals. I firmly believe that is why my dogs do not die so young. Our cats usually make it to 18-22ish...

Smartliving Guest asked this
December 9, 2015 at 10:43 PM



Dear Sharon,

I would not use a lot of the proteins without balancing it. The canned food probably is balanced. When one home prepares food, minerals and vegetables are added to the protein. Is your pug getting a diabetic diet? For him I would give a half dose of DIA-IONX on the breakfast and supper food. For your arthritic dog I would give a half dose of ARTHRO-IONX twice daily on the meals. Once improvement is seen I then switch to a whole dose once a day on one of the meals. I would also use OMEGA 3,6,9 for both of them to decrease inflammation. I would try to give anyone that is having some type of health concern including weight gain PROBIOTICS.

As for your kitty that has the hormonal fluctuations you might try giving her ARTHRO-IONX for a while to see if it lessens the severity of her symptoms. Please let us know what changes she experiences.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
December 10, 2015 at 12:34 PM
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