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My kitty, Tux age 15, was diagnosed in Sep 2014 with diabetes. We got him regulated with insulin and diet changes (Young Again Zero Carb free choice and some canned Fancy Feast Classic) but then in Dec 2014 he lost his appetite and we struggled to get him eating again. We finally managed to get him back to eating but now we can't seem to get his BG regulated. He won't eat the Young Again we we are feeding EVO Cat and Kitten (1/2 cup per day) plus some Fancy feast Classic. He's not much for canned food generally. We have slowly increased his insulin to 2.5 IU (Lantus) twice per day and thought we were heading down in BG from 522 to 325. Then today he jumped back up to 571. He also seems to be having some constipation problems. I would like to try Dia-ionx but we have two other kitties in the house including one with hyperthyroidism under treatment. Will it be OK to put the Dia-IonX in the water or should we give it directly to Tux. Thankfully Tux is a very good cat about all the injections and testing which we can do ourselves.

Smartliving Guest asked this
February 3, 2015 at 5:30 PM



Dear Pari,

DIA-IONX will not hurt your other cats, but I prefer to add it to the food so the intended recipient gets the whole dose. I would give 10 drops twice daily on the breakfast and supper canned food. I would also give PROBIOTICS and OMEGA 3,6,9 to minimize the consequences of diabetes. Try to give mostly canned food if possible since dry food stresses the pancreas. Also avoid giving water that contains chlorine or fluoride. Provide filtered water if this is the case. A regular moderate exercise schedule is also important in reducing blood glucose.

Please let us know how you do.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
February 4, 2015 at 8:52 AM
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