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I PROMISE THIS ONE WILL BE QUICK. Chewie is very active 16 year old Pom.. running playing trying to jump u on furniture and bed. We don't let him ... I just ordered ramps instead of their stairs for bed and couch ... a month ago out of nowhere he stared panting and shaking , I asked him what was wrong and he didn't answer me ! Ingrateful dog, after all I've done,, so I pet him, down his back and he screamed.. took him in X-ray showed one disc herniated .. pinched.. space between vertebrae .. they put him on muscle relaxers... steroids and Bupinorphin if he needed it . What can I do with natural treatment for that spine. He is in his twilight months or weeks we believe .. really slowing down a lot and I just feel him letting me know that and I feel he is hanging with me until IAM ready.. if ever. His liver enzymes are high high so no nonsteroidals for him but I would like to try and treat liver so he. An use that pain control these last months ... goal is to keep him out of pain so he can enjoy our celebration of life together. His back legs crossed when he walked and couldn't walk well at all.. vet gave Him 3 acupuncture tire treatments but we are retired with 5 pets to care for .. that o r visit was $1000.. a upunture is 100 for 15 min and I need to do some journal reviews of studies before we can do that for 15 to 30 unit package . Thank you

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October 22, 2017 at 1:36 AM


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