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I recently adopted a two-year-old kitty from the Humane society. I have had her for 4 months. At the time of the adoption, she had a vet check. One thing I noticed at the time was that she seemed extremely anxious and was chewing herself until raw and bloody in several places. The vet took tests and did not determine any medical problems and as time went by, these lesions cleared up. What I am noticing now is that although she is not chewing, she grooms frequently and I have recently noticed an odor that seems to be secreted from her skin. Most especially on blankets/sheets when sleeping. I do not particularly smell this odor on her fur nor breath and her ears are clean. When I researched possible causes, I am concerned it may be diabetes. I thought maybe her skin is just especially dry since she cleanses so often -- maybe she needs a special food or supplement? She is an indoor cat and litter habits are excellent. She is very clean, short hair. Is it best to have blood drawn again to eliminated certain causes before I go another route such as change in food?

Smartliving Guest asked this
October 5, 2016 at 11:03 AM



If you are concerned about diabetes, collect a clean urine sample and take it to your veterinarian and have it checked for glucose which will tell you whether your cat has diabetes. You didn't mention increased water consumption and increased urination which are indicators of diabetes so maybe your cat does not have diabetes.

   Cats and dogs have anal glands that secrete foul smelling material.  When the pet has allergies the glands tend to produce the material at a higher rate.  DERMA-IONX  can be  helpful  for  allergies and a variety of skin conditions.  It  is an  oral homeopathic product which stimulates the enzyme systems  in  the  body that aid the  skin and helps with  assimilation of nutritional components in diet and supplements.   What sets it apart from most homeopathics is that it is in an oligotherapeutic mineral base which has had a charge added to it.  Initially  I would give 10 drops of  DERMA-IONX on the breakfast and  supper food.   After there are signs of  improvement  you can give a whole  dose once a day.  I would also give  Probiotics  to aid digestion and OMEGA 3,6,9  to soothe,  reduce irritation,  and aid healing.  

  The water you give should be filtered if it contains chlorine.  Chlorine is not good for the intestinal flora.  Diet can also influence the body.   Sometimes the flavor even makes a difference.  I would choose a grain free  food  that uses fish or turkey as the protein since these are considered to be cooling for too much internal heat (allergies) according to Chinese food therapy.   Beef is neutral.   Chicken, lamb, and venison are warming.

If your pet is allergic to a protein do not use it even it has the correct thermal property.

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
October 5, 2016 at 12:00 AM
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