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HELP! I love this product for multiple reasons, most recently for my 20 yr old kitty.

I used it in the past for our dog, but due to amt needed vs. cost we needed to make a change-she is now doing well on a curcumin supplement.

Anyway, my big guy suffers and has pretty much his entire life with the vomiting form of IBD-and had gotten to the point of needing cernia to control it even though I had been aministering it on a very low dosage regime.

He has also been on multiple formulations of homeopathic/holistic/natural products for his overall body arthritis. Many he will take for quite awhile then turn his nose to. Long story short I started him on your liquid form and its done as expected for his arthrits although to my surprise a wonderful side effect is that its calmed his IBD to the point of absolutely no incidences-I repeat NO incidences . I have given him no "meds" for a month now.

I did not know you experienced a recall on a batch and am dissappointed in that I can not get my hands on the liquid as I will be running out at some point soon.

I am hesitant on the chews and curious if I will have the same success-and thats if I am lucky enough to have him eat them. Im sure you see my dilemma.

Are you going to be producing the liquid product again or am I crap out of luck on this one. I am so disappointed.

Thank you for any help or advice you can give me concerning my buddy.

Theresa Carta & Bugzy :)

Smartliving Guest asked this
November 26, 2017 at 10:14 AM


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