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My 2-year-old male Sharpei/Bull Mastiff mix has had problems with his right rear knee since we adopted him as a 4-month old pup (he does have those bone-on-bone Sharpei rear legs.) He responded well and dramatically to the Arthro-Ionx, but simultaneously developed inflammation of his anus. A visit to the vet indicated there were no parasites, anal gland or other localized problems; there had been no other changes in his diet or activities. I withdrew the Arthro-Ionx for a week and the swelling subsided. BTW, there was no licking, scratching, scooting or any sign that the swelling was uncomfortable or painful. I started the Arthro-Ionx again, but divided the dose into meals, instead of just one; this seems to have helped, since the swelling has improved, but not disappeared. Any ideas or recommendations? I do hope to keep him on this medication since it seems to work better than repeated cycles of Deramaxx. Thanks!

Smartliving Guest asked this
January 24, 2017 at 5:36 PM


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