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My vet thinks my 115 lbs dog has allergies and prescribed 11-10 mg tabs a day. I can't find that amt suggested anywhere online. I have used 6 tabs, not better. Benedryl did not work. This is what I have done: *I was a groomer, Cowboy is kept clean with not harsh shampoo, not over bathed. Skin not dry or flakey *give him some wild salmon oil on food, grain free, chicken and veg 36% protein, Member's Mark, Sam's Club. He has been on grain free since we got him 2 1/2years a go. He is now just over 3 years. He has Soresto flea collar, no irritation on neck area, and our cats are bathed and free of fleas/ tick as well The first spots he had looked like hot spots or mange? in May on top of his head and spread to cheeks. I treated them and his whole coat with peroxide/water/ borax solution and it cleared up really fast. He still has scratched, chewed, and gets a few pencil eraser-sized pimples or bites usually under chest side.He will scratch, chew then gets a raw spot. the same solution seems to heal it up fine but... not solved. He will all the sudden just chew his thigh or side or upper foot, really random. He is a real layed back dog. German shep/ mastiff mix, with coat like a shep but a little thicker.

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October 9, 2017 at 4:46 PM


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