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Tassie is starting on the third bottle of Promaxol in a crisis amount. She is doing better with her arthritis on this but still is panting almost all of her waking hours. She has been on a 1/2 tab. of Rovera & 1/2 tab. of Tramadol split between am & pm. I added her infor. to this site, but will mention again that she is a 14 yr. old, large Bichon, 21 lbs., not overweight. Vet diagnosed her with arthritis early this year. Found no problems with just listening to her heart as I had concerns. My question is would you recommend adding Anxietrex along with Promaxol? If so I was thinking of getting her off the crisis amount & giving her the Promaxol in am & Anxietrex in pm. Would this be the best why to administer these? Is there another product that might work better? Would like your opinion on this. Thank you. Sharron

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October 29, 2016 at 7:49 PM


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