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I have an 8 yr old male yellow labrador named Moses. He was diagnosed with mast cell cancer about 2 months ago and is doing well. He is taking potent supplementation to help fight the cancer and I have also changed him to a completely homemade diet. His current issue is itchiness. He has hotspots and I believe he also might have Pyoderma. His symptoms are red hotspots, and he also had some redness and itchiness in his ears. Also, he developed about 10-15 very strange scabby, elongated "bumps" on each of his hindquarters. When u went to each bump and lifted up the fur you coudl see a scab and could see exposed, moist skin underneath, and a little oozing.Also the scab would easily flake off and take fur with it. I took him to our vet who checked his ears and said there was some issue there and she looked at the bumps too. I mentioned Pyoderma and she agreed that could be the problem. She gave us a couple of weeks worth of cephalexin and some kind of cortisone(?) shot to help immed. Not sure what the shot had in it. She also gave me some Otomax to put in his ears and she said to apply the Otomax to each scabby area also. I did that and everything seemed to help. I also was giving him 75mg of Benadryl every 4-6 hrs. And I gave him a bath. Oh, forgot to tell you. Moses weighs about 79lbs. Unfortunately his itching slowly came back and as we were about to leave town for two weeks he was slightly itching again. We had a friend come stay at our house to take care of our dog. I think he became itchy again while we were gone, with us not there to keep a close eye on it. When we got back we found that he had severely itched at his tail area the most and he had scabbing and open skin in a fairly large area. Went back to giving him Benadryl.Maybe helped a little. Also applied Betadine to open skin areas on his tail and more Otomax.The area has since dried up and much less open skin and the scabbing is more so and flaking away due to the drying up of the area. I applied coconut oil on any other hotspots, which helped a lot. I also sprayed Moses with a mixture of organic apple cider vinegar diluted with water and that helped too. At this point, going back to the vet is unaffordable for us as we are already taxed financially because of the expensive supplements we are giving Moses and my husband has been in and out of work!! We cannot afford to see the vet again! Help! Office visit alone is $67.00! I can talk to my vet and she can give us more antibiotics and Otomax but thats it! Vet is not well-versed in holistic methods of treatment but I know these methods can work! So can you please offer some affordable, natural/homeopathic suggestions for caring for Moses? I want to alleviate his itching and give him something internally and heal scabby areas. Not sure if the itching is something systemic or if it is irritated by mast cells or if it is topical/skin related. We are already giving Moses potent immune supporting supplements and curcumin/tumeric that is very bioavailable so thats taken care of. I want to be careful about what I give Moses since he is dealing with mast cells and his immune system is already working so hard. Im concerned about using any kind of cortosone/steroidal shots and even antibiotics as I wonder if they can affect his body in any adverse way immune-wise and dont want to do anything that encourages feeding of cancer cells. Do you have any suggestions? Moses needs a bath too. Not sure what to use for bathing.Apple cider vinegar and other ingredients? Should I get some kind of antibiotic shampoo? From Where? Can I make my own shampoo and with what ingredients? If yeast type if problem oatmeal would not be good, right? Is Pyoderma yeast-related? Pls can you help me to figure out how to help Moses to stop itching and to clear up his current tail issue. It seems to be getting better. Mostly scabbing now. The Otomaz does seem to help clear up. It worked on the scabs on his legs. What to do??? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Concerned Mom of Moses!

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January 8, 2014 at 1:20 PM



Dear Lisa,

I would try our homeopathic Derma-IonX to help with the warm moist skin. It can be given orally on the food or sprayed on skin lesions. When given orally initially I like to split the dose so that half is given with breakfast and half with supper. In addition working on the gut is important to stabilize the immune system so I would use Canine Probiotics. Omega 3,6,9 can help to reduce inflammation. There are also Chinese herbals that have been used for preventing recurrence. They are Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang with added San Leng and E Zhu.

Our shampoo Defendex contains essential oils that I find beneficial in calming skin and makes it harder for organisms to thrive. You might want to consider that instead of mediciated shampoos.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or to update us on your progress.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
November 30, -0001 at 12:00 AM
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