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Hello Dr.Char My cat Sir B is a 9 yr.old Maine Coon. He has been on your Dia-IonX now for a year. His glucose reading has been staying in the 357 range. He was 377 back in May of 2012. The Dia-IonX has lowered this.He goes back in two weeks for another reading.The vet is happy with this reading as he has lost weight. was 21lb and now is 13lb. He does have neuropathy and his vet whom is also his surgeon says she doubts this will ever get any better.  He also has arthritis in his back hip joints.  He had surgery a few years back as his knee cap came dislodged probably due to his weight back than and jumping up and down from a perch. This in-return has most likely caused the arthritis. My question is he still takes his Dia-IonX faithfully every day as I just ordered the buy 3 pack, he is also taking metacam 0.15ml every other day, what would you reccomend either the Arthro-IonX or the Promaxol as I';D like to incoroprate one of these with his current meds?  At this time I cannot afford to purchase both and with my husband facing loosing a days work with this govt crap going on I have to cut real back on spending. I'm keeping the cat on Dia-IonX that is a must and God send for me and Sir B.  Outside of those bad back legs he eats well, drinks water and goes to bathroom fine.  Do you think any of the 2 products would help at this point? I did have him on the omega 3/6/9 last year but he totaly refuses it now so I stopped giving him this in syringe form as he';D only start gagging and running when I had it.  He strictly eats dry food from the vet D/M .Vet said don't force him to do the soft let him be.  Vet is also fine with his readings as long as he's doing ok.  He also goes to vet every two months now.  Any thoughts on one of these two products? Thank you for your time. Darlene.

Smartliving Guest asked this
February 28, 2013 at 1:32 PM



Dear Darlene,

I would choose Arthro-IonX for his muscuoloskeletal discomfort. If you have any Omega 3,6,9 left I would mix it into some canned food that he likes instead of syringing it into the mouth. Some suitable low carbohydrate canned foods that are nonprescription include Friskies Classic Pate Salmon, Fancy Feast - Savory Salmon Feast, Turkey and Giblets Feast, and White Meat Chicken Florentine. These are 2% or lower in carbohydrates. Diabetic cats do better if they do not eat any dry food at all or at least as little as possible. Maybe he will like some of those flavors. You could give it a try. Cats develop their preference to food type as a kitten and some will not eat the other form.

Please let us know how he likes it.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
March 1, 2013 at 10:00 AM
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