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Charlie was rescued from his third home in his first year... last one went to jail and left Charlie in her apartment ? Long.. until coworker said " didn't she have a dog." Then he landed on CRAIGS LIST IN Minneapolis! I've never opened a. Taiga list, let alone there since we live in Fargo 5 hrs away. Charlie was rabbitt kicking, jumping straight out of even vets arms and slammed into wall.. it once but twice. Skin and BONES. And when I worked him to make sure it looked like someone poured a can of campbells chick n noodle soup on my floor! His front and back legs were pinkish from licking them and he immediately started biting the pads of all feet, licking fur even tho I keep shaved close so fur isn't wet all day .. he bites in between toes and he does it 70% of day and all night unless he is fast asleep. If I pet him, scratch his belly, massage. Distract him he stops until I stop the. Right back st all 4 feet. I know he obviously has abandonment issues ... we are retired and here 95% of day.. no crying or destruction if we do leave... just lays on bed with head in feet looking sad at us .. he is VERY GOOD. He is overweight now... started eating and Just wouldn't stop and later developed good aggression.. even water bowl aggression. So you can see his abusevor lack of eating and being cared for in all his behaviors. I am trying to work with his weight but he won't eat the two weight loss brands at vet and I have 2 other Poms, elderly, thin who need a different food and 2 cats that Charlie tends to find their leftovers too. I have feeding stations up high, up where Charlie can't jump to but I am not running the war with his weight. He won't let my husband pick him up to this day .. been here 3 years... won't let any male touch him .. he tucks tail and runs ... he is a lover not fighter.. I've even tried lately grilled white chicken and 2 TBS of Tru dog freeze dried meal reaplacement for nutrition ... so if you have any thoughts if tevommrndations on Charlie .. poor guy.. hides under couch and bed pillows with ears back too much of his day .. his knees and his won't take the weight forever I want to help him without making him any more unhappy than he had been ... no he does not like to for walks on leash ... too scare of any noise , a leaf blows by, other people, grass, we have s fence in yard I try to get all three to play inbut more than resize roil help him too. AND... wow.. lady that's a very long patient history!.... I need to get something so he stops biting his toe pads , licking between toes and nails, and licking top and sides of every single foot. My husband wondered, being in MN in winter and three homes in a year if he had been left out too long on a cold cold evening and got a frost bit on feet causing some neuropathic hyperthesia... it's like he GOES at them... first biting inside of foot then pads then licking skin and legs. Oh.. sorry, even MORE INFO. Had a swab done.. both bacterial and fungal .. gave me pads to wipe foot with daily .. starts with Ci?... and cephalexin 590 bid for a week. Feet cleared up ( he can get little staff " pearls" y set the skin on inside thighs and tummy so there IS a bacterial component to this. I thought he needed s longer term antibiotic course to keep this from returning? I love natural medicine and respect those who see the benefit from using BOTH natural nd traditional treatment modalities.
So feet which must really itch or burn because he seems driven not to stop... and weight ... and he does need a probiotic with his tummy and licking his feet that much ... may help his sadness he seems to carry too. Love your site... passing it on to friends and fam! Thanks

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October 22, 2017 at 1:23 AM


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